AUBURN, Ala. (EETV) – After welcoming new head coach Bryan Harsin to the plains, the Auburn soccer program has re-expanded the strength and conditioning team. Brandon Pringle, Anthony Lazard, Dennis Love and Akeem Robinson were announced on Tuesday and joined Jeff Pitman’s staff.

Harsin is encouraged by the new staff that Coach Pitman has brought with him that “enables us to excel in the superior development area, with each coach bringing different skills and tools to the mix.” These hires were critical to Harsin because the foundation of the program is in the weight room.

As Associate Football Strength and Conditioning Coach, Brandon Pringle will oversee the multidirectional and fast training and programming for the football team, working specifically with quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs.

Dennis Love will train the linebackers, running backs and tight ends. Akeem Robinson will take over the line of defense and Anthony Lazard will work with the specialists who will help with both offensive and defensive lines, as well as multidirectional and speed training.

Pitman is excited about the group of coaches that will be in the weight room and believes they are “some of the best in the country”.

Pringle was hired as an Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach from Boise state. He previously worked for Harsin and Pitman in the state of Arkansas in 2013. He has a long history and works with 16 different teams as a conditioning intern at Saint Louis University. In addition to serving as a conditioning coach with soccer teams, Pringle has worked with baseball, softball, track and field, women’s soccer, and women’s tennis teams.

The new assistant for strength and conditioning trainer Love makes his way from Purdue to Auburn. His background includes working in that position for the Denver Broncos and all aspects of their annual quarterback performance training with Peyton Manning. Love also spent time with Clemson and four years as the director of the Olympic Games Athletic Skills and Endurance for 14 sports.

Hired as an additional strength and conditioning coach, Lazard comes to Auburn from Boise and Appalachian states where he was both assistant director of football performance and assistant director of athletic performance. He also has a history at four other schools, including Upper Iowa University, Central Methodist University, Houston, and Colorado State.

Robinson joins Auburn’s program as another Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Southeastern University, where he served as Head Strength Coach. Prior to that, he spent six years in New Mexico State and then Director of Olympic Sports. His experience also includes serving as an assistant to his alma mater at the University of Missouri, where he worked with soccer, cross country and athletics proficiency training.

With the depths and backgrounds of the new employees, the strength and conditioning team is looking forward to the new season.