Ronaldinho endorses his own line of condoms

Just when you thought no Ronaldinho merchandise could possibly top this light switch cover, the tricky Brazilian has put his signature to a new line of condoms, enticingly named “Sex Free”.

Ronny isn’t the first football star to have his name in latex: Christian Vieri once launched his own line of rubbers, while David Beckham was the unofficial spokesperson for a Chinese prophylactic that helped Wangs cover up their… nevermind.

Ronadlinho’s new brand are Atletico Mineiro-themed, with the box carrying the slogan “Eu sou Galo”. It means “I am Galo,” which is a nickname for the Brazilian team. As luck would have it, “galo” means rooster, or for want of a better term, “cock”.


Dirty Tackle – World Soccer – Yahoo! Sports

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