Jose Mourinho admits he’s not the manager he used to be but believes maturity helps him deal with Tottenham’s “negative moments”.

Mourinho reflects on the club’s poor form, losing five of their last six in the league. Far calmer and less emotional than previous jobs, he points to one of his two dramatic exits from Chelsea.

Sunday’s West Ham loss means Mourinho managed to pick up just 81 points from 50 league games responsible for Tottenham – his lowest total at this stage of any of his senior positions.

When asked if he was better equipped to deal with a setback like this, Mourinho said, “Thank goodness I’m not the manager I was. I probably wouldn’t be so calm, confident and under my feelings Control.

“Sometimes during my career I have had issues that weren’t related to results. As you know, I haven’t had many bad runs.


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“There were a lot of problems every day and I reacted much more emotionally before.

“As an example, I left Chelsea as a champion.

“Perhaps age and experience show that we are better equipped for negative moments.

“I’m calm, I’m in control of my emotions. My nature doesn’t change. If I lose a game I’m obviously not happy, but maturity helps.

“I am very confident and I believe we will improve. I will be in Tottenham history for good and not bad reasons.”

After losing to West Ham last weekend, Mourinho has been bullish in defending his coaching methods, calling them “second to none”.

Before the second round of the Europa League on Wednesday against Wolfsberger, the 58-year-old wanted to compare himself with other managers again.

Heung-Min Son celebrate with Gareth Bale after giving Tottenham the lead against Wolfsberger
Tottenham will go 4-1 into the second leg of the second leg of the Europa League against Wolfsberger on Wednesday

When asked about the bad run at the moment, Mourinho said: “It’s positive that you say I’m not used to it, but I want to know: which coach can say at the end of his career that it was all blue.” and never a little gray, cloudy or even dark?

“If it’s not a coach who has always been in dominant clubs, where that club is the best club in a country, it’s harder to have difficult moments.”

“Does that make me happy? No. Does that make me depressed? Not at all. It’s a challenge.

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“The fact that I give them hard work but not the results hurts me.

“I believe I can give it. I’ve been everywhere I’ve been and I want to do it. I’m more motivated than ever.

“I’ve never felt what coaches usually feel when the results are bad. Usually coaches are lonely. I never felt that in this building.

“I feel positive. I’m not unhappy. I wake up in the morning and want to go back to work.”