Statistics experts Infogol have compiled their weekly “fairness” table for championship results, in which each result is rated as “fair” based on factors such as shots taken and xG (expected targets). Sheffield Wednesday’s 1-0 defeat by Birmingham City is next to every other second division game last weekend:

Millwall’s recordings: 13. Millwall’s xG: 0.67. Wycombes shots: 9. Wycombes xG: 0.62.

Photo: Justin Setterfield

Stokes shots: 18. Stokes xG: 3.42. Lutons shots: 8. Lutons xG: 0.34.

Photo: Nathan Stirk

Norwich’s shots: 13.Norwich’s xG: 2.27. Rotherhams shots: 9. Rotherhams xG: 0.93.

Photo: Stephen Pond

QPRs recordings: 10.QPRs xG: 2.34. Bournemouth’s shots: 11. Bournemouth’s xG: 1.85.

Photo: Clive Rose