Miz is now a two-time WWE Champion.


The Elimination Chamber 2021 closed with a surprise: The Miz took his money in the bank contract and won the WWE Championship before Drew McIntyre. He did this with the help of Bobby Lashley, who appears to be arguing with Drew McIntyre on his way to WrestleMania after losing his US championship.

It topped off a strong pay-per-view that opened with a fantastic Elimination Chamber Match won by Daniel Bryan. In one theme of the show, Bryan was instantly defeated by Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the following fight.

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Elsewhere, Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair failed to win the women’s tag team championships, and Riddle won the US title by pinning John Morrison.

Read on for a full recap of the Elimination Chamber.

The Miz cashes in and becomes WWE Champion

Bobby Lashley ambushed Drew McIntyre for the chamber, destroyed him outside the ring, and then put him in the hurt lock. Miz’s music was playing and he ran into the ring and officially cashed his money in the bank contract.

The bell rings. Miz got two points after a DDT, but won after a skull crushing final. The show goes off the air as The Miz celebrates his championship win.


Drew McIntyre retains the WWE Championship

In the show’s main event, Drew McIntyre retained his WWE Championship by winning the Elimination Chamber Match. McIntyre last eliminated AJ Styles to keep his championship.

The match resulted in a showdown between Sheamus and McIntyre, with Sheamus being the last participant in the game. Sheamus eliminated Kofi Kingston with a brogue kick and McIntyre eliminated Jeff Hardy with a claymore kick. So it looked like the two were going to evacuate the house and fight to end the fight. That shouldn’t be as Sheamus was held down by AJ Styles after a phenomenal forearm.

Randy Orton was the first to be eliminated, which was also surprising. Kofi Kingston came in fourth and quickly caught Orton with a creative roll up. Orton RKO followed Kingston and Hardy before leaving. AJ Styles, who had not yet officially entered, took advantage of the fact that he instructed Omos to break open his chamber door. Omos did and AJ ran from the outside and walked through the chamber door, unsuccessfully trying to pin Kingston and Hardy down. Note that this makes absolutely no sense as AJ is not a legal man until his chamber door opens. Oh.

The fight was good, but far more incoherent than the SmackDown opener. This is especially true during the period when five men were still active – AJ, McIntyre, Sheamus, Kingston, and Hardy – when action was often taken in several areas. But it improved after Hardy and Kingston were eliminated when AJ, Sheamus and McIntyre pitched a strong final stretch.

Rating: 3.5 stars.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax keep tag titles

Nia Jax pinned Sasha Banks with a Samoan drop after a bizarre distraction thanks to Reginald, Carmella’s sommelier.

The fight started slowly, and Nia Jax fought both Banks and Bianca Belair. After Baszler came on, things picked up again, and thanks to Baszler and Banks excellent counter-wrestling, we got some solid action. The goal came when Jax and Banks were the legal women. Reginald came to the ring with fancy champagne and a glass and rolled the champagne into the ring when he told Banks to break it over Jax. Sasha refused and was hit by Jax. Samoan dropped and then got stuck.

The distraction was made up, Banks looked silly, and Jax’s execution was sloppy.

Rating: 2 stars. It is very likely that Banks will face Belair at WrestleMania, so that match suffered from the knowledge that Jax and Baszler would stay safe. It was further hampered by a bad finish and Jax, who is generally not particularly funny to watch. However, Shayna Baszler rules absolutely and was the climax of the game.

Riddle wins the United States Championship

John Morrison replaced Kieth Lee in this United States triple threat match that also featured Riddle and Champion Bobby Lashley. Riddle won the fun fight by pinning Morrison.

It started with Lashley being a monster and handily destroying both Riddle and Morrison. Riddle and Morrison then decide to team up to defeat the beast. At first, even that doesn’t work, but at some point they defeat Lashley and knock him out with a tandem outside offense.

There is great wrestling in the ring between Riddle and Morrison. Morrison is tragically underutilized. Eventually, of course, Lashley returns to the ring. Riddle rocks him with a Ripchord V-Trigger, but Lashley ends up cleaning the house. Morrison takes MVP’s crutches and tries to hit Lashley, but Lashley avoids and puts Morrison in the hurt lock. Riddle takes the crutch and smashes Lashley in the back – the speakers are hastily telling us there will be no disqualifications – and causes Lashley to back off and regroup outside.

Riddle then planted Morrison with his BroDerrick Tombstone Slam for the win. He immediately ran away from Lashley, a true combat master.

Rating: 3.5 stars. A fun match with three talented guys. It’s silly to see Riddle, a supposed baby face and a real tough guy who looks so weak compared to Lashley. But it was nice to see Morrison’s talents.

Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan

This Universal Championship Match was short but sweet. Bryan trips and can barely walk and tells the referee to ring the bell. Roman immediately reaches for a spear, but counters when Bryan locks in the Yes lock. Announcer Michael Cole goes mad and yells that Bryan is going to work a miracle. Fantastic moment.

It wasn’t to be when Reigns knocked out Bryan and fired at him with mounted punches. Then he sat on a guillotine and smothered Bryan for victory.

Just as Bryan didn’t have a chance, Reigns didn’t have a chance either. He was impaled by Edge who announced that he would face Reigns at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan wins the SmackDown Elimination Chamber

The main show opened with the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match. There was Cesaro, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Corbin and his eventual winner Daniel Bryan. Bryan started the match with Cesaro and finally eliminated Jey Uso after about 50 excellent minutes to win the fight.

After five minutes of solid wrestling between Bryan and Cesaro, Corbin was the third to enter the chamber. It was a wrecking machine that took them both off and destroyed Bryan’s knees. However, Corbin would ultimately be the first to leave the chamber and be bugged by Cesaro’s snipers.

Zayn was fourth, followed by Owens and Uso. A climax came when Zayn climbed the chamber and Cesaro followed. Cesaro, holding himself up with his limbs at the top of the chamber, kicked Zayn into the chamber floor. Zayn was the second to be eliminated when Owens stunned him and pinned him.

After Zayn’s elimination, Uso held Owens’ arm in the chamber door and flashed him with super kicks. Then he pinned him after a rope splash.

After Cesaro took Uso out from the outside, there was excellent back-and-forth action between Cesaro and Bryan. Just when it was looking like Cesaro would eliminate Bryan – in the middle of a giant one-legged swing on Bryan’s injured leg – he was clocked with a super kick by Uso. Uso then pinned Cesaro in place with a top rope splash.

That left Uso and Bryan behind. Uso hit Bryan instantly for two. Then he climbed the top of a chamber pod and attempted a huge shot, but Bryan raised his knees and hit Uso with his running knee for a needle to win his third chamber match.

The good news? Bryan wins a shot against the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns. The bad news? Roman Reigns comes out immediately to start the match. No rest for Bryan.

Rating: 4.5 stars. Excellent stuff. Bryan fans like me will likely be disappointed: it seems his win won’t mean anything as Reigns is now focused on his WrestleMania match with Edge. In fact, Bryan was likely chosen to win the Chamber against Cesaro so that he could lose to Reigns. Regardless, this was an outstanding fight.

Kickoff Show Results

John Morrison defeated Ricochet, Elias, and Ali to win a spot in the United States Championship Triple Threat Match on the Main Show. Bobby Lashley will now defend his US title against Morrison and Riddle.

Morrison won the match by rolling Ali up while Ali was distracted by his Retribution faction, which was bombing Ricochet from the outside.