A leading football financial expert has predicted how much Derby County could lose if they are relegated to League One before the new season begins.

Amid the ongoing dispute between the Rams and the EFL, an interchangeable game plan was created in case the club and the Wycombe Wanderers swap places.

An independent body fined the Rams £ 100,000 for breach of accounting regulations and requested the club to re-submit three financial statements.

If the club were found to have lost more than £ 39 million in that three-year period, they would be violating financial fair play rules and punishing them with a point penalty.

The news of the interchangeable game was announced last Wednesday night, just hours before the EFL games were released for the season.

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On the popular Price of Football podcast, soccer finance guru Kieran Maguire said, “It appears that the EFL and Derby have disagreed on this interchangeable schedule comment and EFL said,” We have a problem “. is a real problem.

“From their point of view, the clock ticked around midnight for the EFL. Could they publish the schedule or not? So they said, “We’ll do this independently”. You were really between a rock and a hard place. “

The loss of income the Rams would suffer if they were sent to the third stage would be substantial.

“Derby is anticipating a possible drop in television money of at least £ 6 million. Also, their sponsors are likely to have a relegation clause, and viewership numbers could drop. So you could count on the big end of £ 10 million, ”added Maguire.

“Likewise, the Wycombe Wanderers will be in a worse position after relegation and might say, ‘We know this has been like this for a while, we feel like we are the innocent party’.”

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The Rams released a statement Thursday morning expecting to take their place in the championship next season.

“They also said we can’t be relegated because the season is over and it’s illegal,” said Maguire.

“However, if we turn the clock back 12 months, Macclesfield Town was relegated (from the second division) on August 11, 2020 after the end of the season so I’m not sure where they would stand as there was a precedent set.

“The Derby statement also states that the EFL wanted a point deduction, but indicates that the independent panel did not grant a point deduction, although I’m not sure that it is their (the panel’s) remit.

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“They also complained that the reasons for the decision were also not fully understood.

“You can see it from every perspective. And there’s another party involved, and they’re the Derby County auditors. Derby County’s accountants approved the changes to the depreciation policy. These are qualified accountants. They approved it in 2016, they approved it in 2017, and they approved it in 2018.

“The auditor’s reputation could take a blow. If you go to the accountants website, which I did, I found the guy who signed off the accounts.

“And he probably didn’t help himself by saying, ‘I’m a passionate Derby County fan’ on his personal profile.

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“Auditors should be independent. That doesn’t look so clever. It’s a very messy situation.

“Derby now has to submit his account again. I’ve done some calculations. The rough numbers say Derby will be close to, but not necessarily exceed, the £ 39m mark.

“It could be included, but the EFL could appeal. All the time the clock is ticking until August 7th (when the season starts) and the appeal from both sides has to be received by August 18th so we could have the crazy situation of Wycombe and Derby – theoretically and I can can’t imagine how that could work in practice – playing two or three games and then ending up in different divisions. It’s unfair to all clubs in the Championship and League One. “

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