Five brothers believe they may have set a new record after showing up on the pitch together for a cup game this month.

AFC Bedmond faced Dome Bar last Sunday to win 6-2, which turned out to be a memorable occasion for one of Abbots Langley’s families.

Connor, Ashley, Jordan, Lewis and Ellis Toomey all turned out for AFC Bedmond, and the family believe they beat an earlier statewide record of four brothers playing together in a single game.

This was made possible after Connor and Lewis temporarily moved from Berkhamsted Town to Bedmond AFC after their Saturday season was canceled due to the pandemic.

Last Sunday, the five brothers stood together for the first time after Ellis came on as a substitute in the second half.

It was a fantastic game for the Toomey’s, with Connor scoring four goals while Lewis scored two as the AFC Bedmond players who play in the Watford Sunday League secured qualifications for the cup competition they are in.

Jordan, who is the club captain, said: “It took a long time. We used to joke that we were a five-player team, but with Lewis and Connor playing more seriously on a Saturday it was difficult to achieve. ”

“But when Covid closed his league we finally did it. Lewis, Ashley, Connor and I all played soccer for a while, but Ellis, the best golfer in the family, laced his boots to make that possible.” “”

Left to Right: Connor, Ashley, Jordan, Lewis and Ellis Toomey on Toms Lane on Sunday

Manager Paul Riddick enjoyed the opportunity too, although he found the game a little more confusing with so many Toomeys on the pitch.

He said: “It was a great story to play all five Toomey’s together on the Toms Lane course on Sunday. The Toomey’s have been a big part of the AFC Bedmond team on and off the course this season, bringing all five together has been a goal for us for a while.

“From the sidelines it is clear that they are all on the same wavelength and communicate well with each other, but this has spread to the squad as well. This was a major factor in Bedmond scoring 16 goals in the group stage and our group winning .

“Even if all five aren’t playing together or in the squad, it’s great to see them come down and support each other and cheer the team on.”

“Writing the team sheet alone was strange enough that my phone now has Toomey as a common word.”

The victory for AFC Bedmond secured the club the quarter-finals on Sunday.