Lincoln City’s clash with MK Dons on Friday was postponed after a Covid-19 outbreak at Imps camp.

A number of players and staff have tested positive for the virus and the club’s training ground in Scampton has been closed until further notice.

The news casts doubt on Charlton Athletic’s visit on Tuesday April 6th.

Speaking to LincolnshireLive, CEO Liam Scully addresses key issues surrounding the outbreak.

On the positive tests since the weekend

“As an association, we decided to do a full round of PCR testing on Monday and they have presented a number of positive results.

“We then got in touch with our public health bureau, Public Health Lincolnshire and Professor Derek Ward [the county’s director of public health] and his team.

“Various discussions took place with his team. We then had talks with the EFL and then with both of them as tripartite meetings.

“And based on these discussions, the decision was made to close the EPC [Elite Performance Centre] and suspend all first team activity, meaning the game against MK Dons will not be fulfilled and will need to be rearranged. “

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Has a significant number of players and staff been affected?

“In the interests of medical privacy, I don’t want to mention them.

“It is important enough that this is a public health concern in Lincolnshire, which is why such action has been taken.

“We are very respectful of the support we have received from Public Health Lincolnshire and the EFL. It was a difficult decision, but we received full support throughout. We respect the competition immensely.

“We played through previous outbreaks of Covid when the situation was much better under control than it is now.

“Without going into the details, this is very different from previous cases.”

Is that why you checked the Covid-19 measures again?

“At meetings with the EFL and Public Health Lincolnshire, we received praise for our efforts.

“We were told that the club identified and narrowed the cases very well.

“There are still a lot of people unknown with the virus. Despite the tests, despite the protocols, we believe that it was transmitted through the group, be it through the dressing rooms, through the time they spend together in one of the team coaches, we don’t know.

“That’s why we had to stop the activities of the first team to stop the virus from spreading in our camp.

Duration of the closure of the training area and installation of the MK Dons game

“Our focus was primarily on the health and wellbeing of the players and the public.

“We are working on the countback of when the contact took place at the time when we have to close the training area.

“This could also jeopardize further games depending on whether we have more positive cases.

“First and foremost, we look at the health element, then our attention will turn to how we actually plan the game.

Will the Charlton game be affected too?

“We have to count back and look at certain activities. Private discussions must be conducted with the EFL and Charlton who must be consulted as part of the decision-making process.

“It is fair to say that there are still unknowns. Hopefully we’ve got this under control, but more cases could arise in the next few days.

“All of this has to be taken into account before a decision can be made.”

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