Anthony Martial was racially abused on social media following Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion.

Martial played 66 minutes before being replaced by Mason Greenwood when United came back two minutes behind West Brom.

After the game, Martial was abused on his Instagram account. Some users posted racist messages and symbols on their photos using the N word.

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, confirmed to Sky Sports News that its moderators removed the posts shortly after they were posted.

It comes after Martial, along with teammate Axel Tuanzebe, was abused after the team lost to Sheffield United on Jan. 27.


Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says action needs to be taken to stamp out the racial abuse that a number of footballers have suffered

Kick It Out development director Troy Townsend described the recent abuse as “predictable” and said he “mocked Instagram’s promise last week to impose harsher penalties on users who send abusive messages, including removing their accounts “.

Townsend tweeted, “Let me break my Sunday silence and just say we’re leaving. It’s so predictable now that it mocks Instagram’s comments.

“I wonder if this account will be banned for a month and collect your ‘insta slap on the wrist’ and won’t say that again.”

Facebook – which owns Instagram – was criticized by Swansea City and Yan Dhanda last week after the company decided not to close the account of a user who sent racist abuse to the midfielder.

Instead, Facebook temporarily disabled the account and said, “We think it’s important that people have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.”

Stoke’s James McClean also revealed an abusive direct message received online on Sunday: “Don’t let me set fire to your house and burn everyone in it.”

James McClean received an abusive message on Sunday

On Sunday McClean said, “The silence of everyone is deafening!”

Last weekend, United, along with Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton, issued a joint statement condemning racial abuse as more players such as United’s Marcus Rashford and Southampton’s Alex Jankewitz were targeted on social media.

“Man Utd Wants Social Media Clampdown”

Sky Sports News Northwest reporter James Cooper …

“Obviously this is not just a Manchester United problem, the club are absolutely tired of what is becoming a growing problem.

“Of course they condemn it, the players are disgusted with what is going on, but they are also working with the game’s authorities and tech platforms to properly address this issue.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has had the floor for the past few days and his view of the racism directed against his players mirrors that of the club – very simply, if you are a racist you are not a fan of Manchester United both things are not compatible.

“The problem, from United’s point of view, is that the conversation will only get you so far – remember, this affects not just the men’s team, but the women’s team as well. What they want to see is an adequate fight against abusive posts by the social Media company. “

Hatred won’t stop us

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