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Choosing quality over quantity is a smart way to live your life.

But what if you could have both?

Well, in the world of football – and the football index in particular – the time for quality and quantity is about … now.

Football Index is a real money betting platform where you can buy and sell shares in footballers.

The value of these players can rise or fall depending on their performance on and off the field of play.

I’ve been actively using FI this season with more than one reference to FPL to see which aspects of each game combine and which don’t.

Quality stakes players like Manchester City, and quantity is the list of games. But then the quality sets in again, because these devices are first class.

Or, to put it in FI language, it will be Gold Match Days.

From now until the end of March, City will play at least nine games without possible FA Cup games (further changes are expected), including two in the Champions League. All nine currently scheduled games will take place on the Gold Match Days.

This means that the payouts for the best performing players on that particular day will be the highest in the FI. £ 0.14 per share will be spent on the best defense, midfield and attacking players, another £ 0.14 on the total star player and even £ 0.03 on the best goalkeeper.

This applies in addition to the dividends on media day, where success leads to success, with the players on a game day also having a high probability of dominating the media rankings.

It’s difficult to find value in the City squad.

Phil Foden (£ 4.31), for example, is as cheap as chips at FPL in relative terms, but his star turn in Liverpool victory helped keep his FI share price around £ 4 than it was before half of that was close to six weeks.

One player who flies under the radar on both FPL and FI is Foden’s English teammate Raheem Sterling (£ 1.96).

Ilkay Gundogan (£ 0.97) may have been crazy about goals in the past few weeks, scoring nine goals in 11 league games, but you believe the run is unsustainable.

Sterling has moved up in comparison, although he’s showing good form especially towards the end of the season.

His manager, Pep Guardiola, is of course notorious for changing his squad, but Sterling has been used relatively sparingly in recent weeks, with a day off against Sheffield United in late January and an eight-minute cameo against Brighton before that.

He managed to miss a penalty in this short season but in the other five starts he’s had since then Sterling has four goals and one assist.

He has now scored three games in a row and yet his FPL ownership has declined, partly due to his high price tag on that game.

That’s not a problem with FI.

Take the Gundogan streak out of the equation and Sterling has the most goals (eight), shots on goal (19), and box touches (162) of any City midfield player. For comparison: FPL favorite Kevin De Bruyne has three, 18 and 72 – and this extremely inferior goal balance comes even though the Belgian had more attempts (60 against 42).

In the long run, Sterling will be a chance for England’s European Championship squad despite his injuries, so his dividend potential should remain strong for the months ahead.

Just don’t necessarily expect the English to rip it up in the short term.

The city has a double game week in FPL, but a visit to Spurs likely includes a coach parking or two from Jose Mourinho, while a trip to an Everton site that appears to have misplaced their mojo won’t be the easiest of away games.

After that, visits to a struggling Arsenal and Borussia Mönchengladbach for the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 could take place if Sterling really hits the gold standard.

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