MODESTO (CBS13) – Saturday night in Modesto, a blind youth soccer player led his team to a grand victory.

His spirit and determination showed his community that with the right support and a passion for the game, anyone can play football.

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Jasen Bracy, 15, scored an ongoing touchdown as starting quarterback for the Modesto Raiders. He said for him this is just the beginning.

“We’ll see how long this career can go,” he said.

Jasen had big dreams of big games, but at the age of seven he lost his sight fighting retinal cancer.

“When he beat that and got well, he still wanted to play,” said his father Jasen Sr ..

His father was concerned that his son might practice contact sports without eyesight.

“One parent will still be concerned,” said Jasen Sr ..

But Jasen was determined and started asking coaches if they would let him play. It was a “yes” from head coach David Nichols.

“I never turned him down,” said Coach Nichols.

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Now with a plan, Jasen was literally in good hands.

“We practice, practice, practice. That’s why you see him out here doing what he’s doing, ”said Nichols.

Teammates help Jasen to position himself on the field. His father guides him with a walkie talkie and a loudspeaker in his helmet.

“After the piece starts, I can tell him ‘Hey, run to the right’ or ‘Look out, someone is coming to hit you,'” said Jasen Sr.

Dad said his son may not always know the contact is coming, but he’s always ready – he listens and has a pulse on every piece.

“If we are all in agreement, if I know my job, if you know what your job is, everything should be fine,” said Jasen.

Jasen already has a large fan base – he brings more touchdowns to the board and isn’t scared. And he has a message for future quarterbacks: don’t let anything stop you.

This is Jason’s sophomore year as a quarterback. He started out as a running back before making the move.

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Jasen said he had big dreams of getting into the NFL one day.