The Behind the Steel Curtain Survival Pool continued into Week 3 this past weekend. In four leagues that were completely filled with 100 entries, the fifth league ended with 46 participants. While there are technically a total of 446 registrations, I have one entry as a commissioner in each league, so there were 442 different participants. Hundreds have signed up, but only one can go home with the signed Joe Haden Football.

The most common pick for Week 3 was the Denver Broncos versus the New York Jets. That game was never really close as the jets were turned off. There was no doubt that 91 participants who had chosen the Broncos thwarted by week 4.

The second most popular pick was the Carolina Panthers versus the Houston Texans on Thursday night. It was an ugly start and a close game in half before the Panthers opened it and allowed another 49 entries.

Unfortunately, the biggest thing that once again eliminated most of the contestants was not making a selection. There were 19 entries that made no selection and only 8 were eliminated by selecting a game. The wrong selection was 4 for the Steelers, 2 for the Giants and 2 for the Cheifs. 33 participants would be eliminated if the Ravens game delay had been invoked and they rightly lost to the Lions.

After three weeks, 59% of the entries are still there. If you are still alive, make sure you make your choices early so that you don’t get knocked out due to a lack of choice. This is your memory so make your choice now!

Weekly update:

Next week 4 important games:

  • Most Preferred: Buffalo (-16.5) at home against Houston
  • Closest match: Three games at (-1.5)
  • the Steelers match: Pittsburgh (+7) at Green Bay

(All lines courtesy of, as of September 28th)

So there you have it! Make sure to check out Behind The Steel Curtain to keep up to date on the competition. Even if you haven’t participated or have already left, you can always check in and see how you would have been each week.