TORONTO – The Canadian Football League (CFL) today released the following statement regarding COVID-19 testing:

Through the pre-training camp and quarantine, the league conducted approximately 6,000 COVID-19 tests on Tier 1 personnel, which includes players, coaches and support staff. These tests resulted in a total of 10 people returning a positive test result for COVID-19.

Five of the positive tests took place prior to the individual’s travel to their respective CFL markets; later they were not allowed to travel. Please note that a test that is positive will occasionally be classified as false positive.

Any person who tests positive will be prevented from participating in or banned from team activities and will be prosecuted in accordance with the CFL’s Return to Play Health and Safety Protocol, the Canadian Public Health Authority (PHAC) protocol, and the local protocol for public Health isolated or quarantined.

The CFL will continue to provide updates on tests performed by Tier 1 personnel. In principle, the persons or clubs concerned are not identified.