For those who compete in the championship of English football, it’s all about the high stakes Premier League odds. Who will and who will not get the chance to play in the top division against the giants of Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea? Who will be rewarded not just with advertising, but with the millions that come from television rights and other commercial opportunities.

Here we look at the potential competitors for illustrious promotion and the not-too-shoddy play-off positions.

The quick guide for gamers

So if you are looking to spend some cash you should really make sure that Watford, Norwich and Bournemouth are in the best promotion positions. They all want a quick return to the EPL, and the gap between the two divisions is so great that the same teams jump back and forth between the two. All you have to do is look at Fulham, who returned to the Premier League after a season in the championship and is now back in the bottom three positions.

There are some potential surprises waiting in the starting blocks, as is always the case with the championship. Wycombe Wanderers may be newcomers to the championship, but Adebayo Akinfenwa has already wowed fans with his torture of defenders.

In truth, the magic of mastery is that anything can happen. Barnsley seemed doomed to be downgraded until a few added-time winners rescued their football stubs.

With all that said about the possibility of surprises and surprises and last-minute excitement, there are some clubs that are just better equipped for the fight. Here we will guide you through the possible candidates.

Norwich City

Norwich may have finished last in the Premier League last season. They play great football. Those who play soccer know they are fans of the Canary Islands because they have a tendency to nurture youth from the inside out. Check out the accomplishments of Pukki, Cantwell, and Aarons to see how that policy has paid off.

While they returned to the championship dejected and thoroughly beaten with just five wins in a season, they are still high quality and handful for any championship team. Despite being relegated, they haven’t lost any of their key players, so they have one of the best chances of getting right back to the big time.


While Brentford are not a name in football that one would equate with top football, they should not be underestimated. After a tight run over the past few seasons, there is a feeling that the bees are just waiting for fate to swing in their favor. Unfortunately, they were undone by Fulham in an empty Wembley match last season. Surely you will go one step further this season?

When faced with the opportunity to tap into Premiership fame, you usually get a shot of life for the new campaign. However, they must keep their Benrahma and Watkins duo if they want to make a play for promotion.


While Watford can get through more managers than hot dinners, they have a top quality leader in Vladimir Ivic. The last time Watford picked someone with Serbian heritage, he won the promotion. He has won titles with Maccabi Tel Aviv, but the championship is notoriously challenging and has no respect for reputation.

The new manager has all the ingredients for a promotion challenge, with some quality and a core group of players who work and deliver hard.


Bournemouth, another team that could go straight back to the top division, still have quality on the pitch even with no Eddie Howe on the field. But Jason Tindell, the old assistant manager, has stepped up and can continue his traditions. He’s an untested and untested manager in a crucial job – it’s a tough place for a newbie.

Stoke City

Stokehave EPL History, but also a few disappointing seasons behind it. There could be a return to the big leagues this year as they ended last season with a momentum that they sustained this year.

There have been some decent player acquisitions to strengthen the squad, some like Etebo with experience in La Liga to bring with them.

While it’s a long way, there are enough good players here to be a real challenge for the play-off spots, and from there it’s everyone’s game.