CHELSEA are reportedly pushing for the Premier League transfer window to be extended to September this summer.

The rumored proposal would delay the start of the window by a week – and there could also be another domestic-only window.


Chelsea are believed to have proposed an extension of the transfer window for this summerPhoto credit: Reuters

According to the Daily Mail, the Blues have suggested that the upcoming window begins on June 16, a week later than planned.

That lost week would then be added to the deadline of August 31st, meaning the window doesn’t end until September 7th.

The proposal tabled at the Premier League clubs meeting on Thursday is believed to have been well received.

There was also talk of another domestic-only window in which transfers between English clubs can take place.

Last year, there was a domestic only window between October 5th and 16th.

Proposals to allow fans to return to the final two games of the season were also discussed.

The Premier League has expressed a desire to postpone the penultimate round so that all 20 clubs can have some fans for their final home game.

The penultimate round is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 15 – two days before the government allows fans to return in limited numbers.



However, some clubs, like relegation-threatened Newcastle, are believed to be against the delay as they have a full week to prepare for their final game.

Regardless of Chelsea’s proposals, this summer’s transfer window will not end before the start of the new Premier League season.

Before the 2018/19 season, the clubs voted to end the summer window early.

However, when they voted in February 2020, they reverted to the traditional late August deadline.

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