CLAIRTON, Pa. (KDKA) – Clairton football will be out on Friday in light of the recent violence.

On Friday night the lights should be on for Clairton’s first conference game at home, but the lights will be on the Bears in Leechburg with no fans in the stands.

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“This is a football city, it has always been a football city. Losing a home game against something like that hurts, ”said Clairton coach Wayne Wade. “I think with all the factors that were looked at in the light of the current incidents, it turned out that we lost the home game, which was disappointing. But when it comes to child safety, you try to do your best. “

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Coach Wade spoke to his players about the relocation and the fact that there will be no fans in the stands before Thursday’s practice.

“It doesn’t matter, we play the games between those rows out there, between the whistles, whether fans in the stands or not, we want to play the football game,” he said.

The announcement of the school district of Clairton City states: “Out of great caution, we have reached an agreement with Leechburg that they will host the soccer game on Friday, September 17th. Only the soccer players will attend and participate. … The safety of our students, employees and the entire community and the surrounding communities is our top priority. “

Leechburg Area School District Superintendent Tiffany Nix told KDKA: “In response to recent events, the two districts have jointly decided to move the location of the game on Friday and limit participation.”

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Nix sent a letter to parents that said in part, “Our main job every day is to protect your children. When I was told that the safety of our players and coaches at Clairton cannot be guaranteed, it was an easy decision to postpone the game. … We are brought into this simply by the timing of tragic events and our football schedule. “

“We’ll get over it, it’s just a game. Hopefully we have a long season and our fans will see a lot of our games this year, ”said Coach Wade.

This decision was made in response to recent violence against young people in some communities. A 15-year-old was shot dead in a haunted car in north Versailles on Saturday.

Coach Wade hopes a lesson will be learned on and off the field.

“Whatever you have in front of you outside of football and in the communities, stay away from these kids because they are trying to do something positive,” he said.

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The game between Clairton and Leechburg begins on Friday at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast live on YouTube.