Copa America 2021 may be forced to share summer with Euro 2020, but there isn’t too much live football on TV that can also be broadcast for free.

The South American international tournament was supposed to be held in Colombia and Argentina, but anti-government protests in the former and rising COVID numbers in the latter have resulted in the tournament being hastily relocated across borders.

The entire competition will now be hosted by Brazil, which has the infrastructure after the 2018 World Cup.

While most of the tournament is going on as planned, it will be reduced from 12 to 10 teams. In the last few years 10 nations from South America have been joined by two invited from North America or Asia.

Australia and Qatar – former winners of the Asian Cup – had to withdraw from the Copa America due to the 2022 World Cup qualifiers after the games were reorganized. brings you the full schedule for the 2021 Copa America, including the UK fixture list, dates and kick-off times.

How to watch the Copa America 2021 on TV and live stream

Each game is broadcast live on multiple BBC platforms so you can tune in for free whether you’re at home or on the go.

Every game is available on the BBC Sport website, the BBC Red Button on TV or the BBC iPlayer so you don’t miss a moment.

Copa America games on TV

All the British time.

Round 1

Sunday June 13th
Brazil v Venezuela (10 p.m.)

Monday June 14th
Colombia – Ecuador (1:00 am)
Argentina – Chile (10 p.m.)

Tuesday June 15th
Paraguay – Bolivia (1:00 am)

round 2

Thursday June 17th
Colombia – Venezuela (10 p.m.)

Friday June 18th
Brazil – Peru (1.00 a.m.)
Chile – Bolivia (10 p.m.)

Saturday 19th June
Argentina – Uruguay (1:00 am)

Round 3

Sunday June 20th
Venezuela – Ecuador (10 p.m.)

Monday June 21st
Colombia – Peru (1:00 am)
Uruguay – Chile (10 p.m.)

Tuesday June 22nd
Argentina – Paraguay (1:00 am)

Round 4

Wednesday June 23rd
Ecuador – Peru (10 p.m.)

Thursday June 24th
Brazil – Colombia (1:00 am)
Bolivia – Uruguay (10 p.m.)

Friday June 25th
Chile – Paraguay (1:00 am)

Round 5

Sunday June 27th
Brazil – Ecuador (10 p.m.)
Venezuela – Peru (10 p.m.)

Tuesday June 29th
Uruguay – Paraguay (1:00 am)
Bolivia – Argentina (1:00 am)

Quarter finals

Friday July 2nd
QF1: Second in Group B – Third in Group A (10 p.m.)

Saturday 3rd July
QF2: Winner of Group B – Fourth of Group A (1am)
QF3: Second in Group A – Third in Group B (11pm)

Sunday 4th July
QF4: Winner of Group A – Fourth of Group B (2 a.m.)


Tuesday July 6th
SF1: Winner of QF2 versus Winner of QF1 (12 noon)

Wednesday July 7th
SF2: Winner of QF4 vs. Winner of QF3 (2 a.m.)

Game for third place

Saturday July 10th
Loser from SF2 v Loser from SF1 (1am)


Sunday July 11th
SF2 Winner vs SF1 Winner (1am)

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