The scheming pedophile Sammy Hawell coached boys’ soccer teams after abusing an elementary school child.

He managed to keep his heinous crimes secret for more than 30 years until his victim came forward two years ago.

He told detectives that as a young boy, around eight years old, he was molested by Hawell, who pleaded guilty to multiple sex crimes in Belfast Crown Court last week.

The revelations stunned the 56-year-old’s neighbors in the Shankill Road neighborhood of Belfast, who viewed him as a pillar of the community.

One provided this newspaper with pictures of Hawell in his coaching role on a Belfast boys’ soccer team.

There is no indication that he targeted any of the children on the squad, but the fact that he had close access to them and was trusted by their parents has troubled many.

One worried father told us: “It’s horrifying to think that Sammy Hawell has brought so many children into contact with boys’ football.

“I can’t help but think, was he really interested in football, or was it just a way for him to stare at my little boy and friends? That’s all I’ve got on my mind since it all came out last weekend. “

Hawell left his home on Disraeli Street last Sunday after the newspaper announced that he had been in court days earlier for pleading guilty to cheating on a boy under the age of 16, two cases of gross indecency with one Child and indecent assault with a man.

Before leaving, he told amazed friends that he was also a minor when he committed all of the horrific historical sex attacks – a claim he repeated to Sunday Life – but that’s another lie.

Our source added, “Sammy was trying to find out that he was a victim too, that everything happened when he was a teenager and he has changed.

“He’s full of eggs, and last weekend he was told that there would be protests at his door if he didn’t leave the Shankill.

“Many of his neighbors are young families and there is no way they would allow him to live nearby. Sammy realized that there was no going back for him and he packed his suitcase and left. “


Sammy Hawell coached boys’ soccer teams

Sammy Hawell coached boys’ soccer teams

When this newspaper confronted a shocked Hawell on his doorstep with evidence of his horrific crimes, the pedophile scolded, “I’m not a pedophile, it all happened 40 years ago, it doesn’t count.

“Yes, I pleaded guilty, but what the heck? If you want to know more, speak to my lawyer. “

Not only is Hawell forced to leave the Shankill, but that he is no longer welcome in Linfield’s support groups.

Before being exposed as a sexual abuser, he was a regular at Windsor Park for blues games and often helped organize charity events for the club. But that’s no longer the case as horrified Linfield fans say they want nothing more to do with him.

Hawell, who could often be seen sitting in his front yard to watch parades of loyalist bands go by his bungalow, will be announced on Dec.