Chippa United warming up before the promotion playoff game. (Photo by Michael Sheehan / Gallo Images)

In sensational scenes, Royal AM FC boycotted PSL’s scheduled play-off game against Chippa United at Chatsworth Stadium on Tuesday by reversing its previous decision to play after arriving at the venue.

The Durban-based club appeared to be overturning a decision made Monday by owner Shauwn Mkhize, who insisted the club would not honor Tuesday’s game.

Mkhize shared a video on Instagram that neither she nor Royal AM were being bullied over the PSL’s insistence on completing the playoff schedule.

“Violation of my rights to fair competition, it is not my fault that the three points were not awarded before the last two games of the season,” she said in the video.

“I know a lot of you are wondering what will happen with recent developments. Here we are. Myself and the entire Royal AM team are law abiding citizens and we’ve chosen to be patient and wait for that the judicial process developed. ” .

“Apart from that, we will NOT be in the play-offs tomorrow as it would violate Judge Nyathi’s judgment. It’s not over yet!”

Nonetheless, Royal AM staff and players arrived at Chatsworth Stadium an hour before kick-off Tuesday as they appeared to be ready to adhere to PSL’s policy of continuing promotion play-offs.

Suddenly, in sensational scenes, one saw club staff, players and other staff packing equipment and then leaving the stadium.

The club appear to be insisting that the PSL is in direct contradiction to an earlier Gauteng Supreme Court ruling to suspend promotion and relegation playoffs.

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Royal AM has arrived at the stadium but has started packing their bags and equipment for reasons that have not yet been clarified and is abandoning the game and leaving the stadium !!!



– robertmarawa (@robertmarawa) June 22, 2021

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Mabuza Attorney explains the recent U-turn of Royal AM, who have now packed their bags and left the stadium to play the playoff game today at 3:00 p.m. despite the PSL policy !!


– robertmarawa (@robertmarawa) June 22, 2021

Chippa United was featured on TV imagery entering the pitch with the match official canceling the game due to the home side’s no-show.

A judgment now has to be made, possibly by the PSL Disciplinary Committee, which will decide the outcome of the game on Tuesday.

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The game has started, following all due protocols … and the game is over. Chippa United stuck to it while Royal AM didn’t run ….


Over to u PSL.

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– robertmarawa (@robertmarawa) June 22, 2021