Devonta Smith took the NCAA by storm in 2020 with a monstrous season that included 117 receptions for 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns in his final season with Alabama. His 12 catches for 215 yards and three touchdowns in the 2021 College Football Championship against the state of Ohio helped the team clinch another national title, and the awards don’t stop there.

To wrap up a historic season with the Crimson Tide, Smith also won the 2021 Heisman Trophy – the fourth recipient in history to win the coveted award and the first wideout since 1991.

As part of the pre-design process, Smith dropped out of Pro-Day training in Alabama. We take a look at why he bypassed training and why he chose to weigh up.

DeVonta Smith weighs but rejects Pro Day workouts

It’s not hard to see why Smith would opt out of his pro-day workouts – I’m not sure there is much left to show off to the NFL teams in attendance. He laid out everything he had in the field and there is not much left to gain in terms of the design inventory. However, he gave us a weight of 170 pounds. With a height of 6’1 ​​”, his BMI is 22.4, at the lower end for a broad recipient perspective. Should fantasy football managers be concerned?

Smith’s value for dynasty fantasy football leagues

Despite being the top recipient in the 2020 college football season, Smith is often ranked as WR2 in Dynasty rookie mock designs for this class. Undoubtedly, it has something to do with sharing the stage with the 2019 LSU star and Ja’Marr Chase opting out for 2020, but I wouldn’t be sure if we didn’t consider his size as one of his biggest problems Fantasy football prospect would look.

As of 2010, there has only been one broad recipient who weighed between 170 and 175 pounds to score more than 175 Fantasy Points (semi-PPR rating formats) in a single season – Desean Jackson. Jackson crossed the threshold twice in 2010 and 2013, scoring 175.5 and 228.4 Fantasy points in both seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite concerns about size, Smith has given us more than enough reason to believe that he will overcome his smaller stature. Even if we neglect its historical stats, there are plenty of advanced metrics that indicate its potential as a stud receiver for fantasy football.

Smith has one elite Production history in Alabama, as ranked by Player Profiler with a Dominator rating of 51.3% and wideout in the 96th percentile. Specifically, this means that Smith accounted for 51.3% of the team’s mileage and touchdown production during his time in Alabama. The more production we see in the perspective of a potential customer, the clearer it becomes that they can produce at the NFL level as the # 1 WR on a team.

Smith led all wide-angle receivers in the FBS with at least 50 targets at 4.39 yards each way in the 2020 season. In his 2019 junior season, he finished sixth among the wideouts in this metric, especially just behind two stud wideouts from the 2020 NFL Draft class – CeeDee Lamb and Tee Higgins. Pro Football Focus has long referred to this signature as a strong predictive correlation to the production of fantasy football points.

Smith has the ultimate cap and could be a major staple in fantasy football leagues of the dynasty – especially with your league mates hung on his 170-pound frame.