A generous soccer team has chosen to hold training sessions outdoors and is donating fees to a lifeline community center.

Instead of paying for expensive football facilities, Westcliff FC players have pledged their player fees to the John Connolly Center in Renton.

They’re paying off the gesture from Andy Love, who sponsored their home kits for the season, as they begin to put together a competitive squad.

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Team manager Marty said: “The training was not only tough physically, but also with everything else.

“The sport has given our players something to focus on and also to look ahead.

“High quality football facilities are expensive, so we decided to hold training sessions in public parks. We have also decided to continue with player fees and look to a local charity to donate these funds as well. We thought this was a better use for that money.

“As an amateur team, however, we need every penny available. However, we are aware that due to the current circumstances in the world some local organizations are also in need.

“We have benefited this season from Andy Love sponsoring our home kits for the coming season so we know what it feels like to receive the goodwill of others so we are interested in giving that back to others as well. Thanks Andy. “

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They chose the John Connolly Center because some are members of the Renton team and Davy Smith has hosted fitness sessions to promote wellbeing that some of the guys have attended.

Marty continued, “The money we raised from training has been donated to the center looking to recover from the pandemic.

“The center plays an important role in our community that needs a place where they can come together in a safe environment to safely continue their hobbies and interests. While at Westcliff FC we hope to make progress on the pitch, we also want to give something back to our region.

“We would like to thank the guys on the team for showing up and supporting this project. We hope that we can continue to help the center and we wish them all the best for the future.

They donated £ 150 to the Renton Community Development Trust, which owns the center.

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Councilor Jim Bollan of the Trust said: “What a generous offer from Westcliff FC to the John Connolly Center in Renton. It is very much appreciated and used well as we continue to improve the building. Thank you again and we hope that Westcliff FC has a good and successful season this year. “

Davy runs Football Fitness, a fun football fitness session that is soon returning to the John Connolly Center in Renton.

Anyone interested in attending these sessions now or in the future should contact them on 07411976175 or by email at smiddyds@live.co.uk