Ed Orgeron wanted to see a lot of improvements from his roster for 2021 during the Tigers’ second preseason scrimmage.

He wanted communication to be improved along the offensive so that the offensive would score more points, so that the secondary could keep playing with the confidence that has been instilled since the arrival of Daronte Jones. Above all, however, he wanted to see a team that would show the necessary intensity at the start of the season in two weeks’ time.

Orgeron saw all of this and more during the second scrimmage that fall as he walked away with all the boxes checked and confident of where his team is at this point in the preseason.

“Excellent work from our team to increase the intensity, it’s been a great day and lots of enthusiasm on both sides of the game,” said Orgeron. “The defense started quickly but the first and second offensive went up and down after that. The offense had a better day today, scored points, made some big games. I think we achieved what we wanted to achieve outside today.”

The plan for the weekend was to have a padded practice session on Thursday, but with so many injured players that wasn’t currently possible. So, leading up to the game, Orgeron was a little concerned about the number of corpses available. Neither the seasoned running back nor Derek Stingley Jr., but it got great for some of the young or inexperienced players on either side of the ball.

Running back Josh Williams stormed for 66 yards, newcomer receivers Malik Nabers and Deion Smith made a total of seven receptions and veteran Devonta Lee continued her breakout start into the fall camp with five catches for 85 yards, including this one.

With UCLA now out for less than two weeks, the Bruins will begin scheduling on Monday. While the LSU would like to continue to focus on itself, the extra time to prepare for the season’s first opponent is an advantage the Tigers want to take advantage of.

Meanwhile, Orgeron also said he expects to bring back most of the injured players over the next two weeks of training.

“We’re going to fix LSU, of course, but it’s pure game planning for UCLA,” Orgeron said. “We’re going to have a mock game against UCLA next Saturday and then we’ll go through the schedule again and be ready for the game.”