Speaking to LBC’s Tom Swarbrick program on Wednesday, Wembley steward Richard claimed that English fans who did not complete a coronavirus test, which is required to play in games at Wembley Stadium, use screenshots of negative tests, to get in. The shocking news comes as Wembley increased its capacity for England’s semi-final match against Denmark on Wednesday night from 40,000 to 60,000 amid fears about the impact of fan growth on Covid cases heightened. And on Wednesday, Economics Minister Kwasi Kwarteng warned that he could not guarantee that there would be no outbreak of coronavirus cases after today’s game.

Richard told LBC: “It is a common knowledge among fans that screenshots are on.

“People send negative tests to each other!”

He went on to explain how many fans either simply miss a test or don’t take one at all so as not to risk missing the game.

He added: “A large part of the fans come into the game and have not conducted a test.”

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The steward then revealed how sneaky fans are handling the problem.

Richard stated, “Fans who come to us without a test will be sent to an off-floor area for a lateral flow test.

“But these fans are smart enough to realize that they can be at the back of the queue, speak to a few more fans and have them sent a screenshot – go to another steward!”

The Wembley steward added that there simply “is no way to verify” that the test result presented to the stewards is real.

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The revelations come as Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng said he could guarantee that there would be no Covid outbreak due to the enormous capacities at Wembley.

Mr. Kwarteng said, “I think we can handle this risk, but to say that when thousands of people live in one place there is no risk – there is always a risk in life.

“I think we manage the risk – I’m confident there won’t be a big outbreak, but we can’t guarantee that now.”

England will start their semi-final against Denmark on Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. GMT – the winner will face Italy in the final on Sunday 11 July.