The Euro 2020 final at Wembley could have been canceled if no police officers had intervened, said the deputy commissioner of the Met Police.

Crowds of no-ticket fans pushed through security and fought with police to get into the England vs Italy game on Sunday.

Deputy Commissioner Jane Connors, who oversaw the troop response to the tournament, said she “did not accept that the police operation failed” and “has no doubt” that police intervention prevented the disorder from escalating .

She said a day that should be “national pride” was “sadly tarnished by a minority of disorderly and violent fans trying to hijack the final for their own selfish personal gain”.


Sky Sports News chief reporter Bryan Swanson says UEFA is “deeply unhappy” with the actions of fans in and around Wembley during the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy

“Prior to the final, police commanders deployed one of the most significant and comprehensive police plans the Met has ever devised for a football game of this magnitude,” she added.

Shortly after the gates opened, the security area and outside security area were overwhelmed and fans began going through security checks.

“I have no doubt that your quick action prevented further escalation,” she said.


Supporters at the Euro 2020 final on Sunday “begged” journalists to call the police about the “carnage” in Wembley, says Miguel Delaney

“I do not accept that the police operation has failed and I stand by the difficult decisions of police officers and public order commanders at the Met.

“Without your immediate action, it is possible that this game would have been abandoned.”

Before kick-off, more than 100 ticketless fans broke the security barriers at Wembley Stadium with footage showing people jumping and running over walls to gain access to the stadium.

Ms. Connors also said, “I share the nation’s anger over this behavior. I want to reaffirm the Met’s commitment to identifying those responsible for the scenes in both Wembley and central London. Your actions will have consequences. “

The Met Police said 19 officers were injured when they “faced inconsistent crowds” after the game in the capital.


The FA sharply condemned the no-ticket fans who stormed Wembley as “an embarrassment for the English team,” as Bryan Swanson reports

A total of 51 people were arrested across London, including 26 at Wembley Stadium and 25 at the following events in central London.

A post-incident investigation is underway, which Ms. Connors expects will lead to further arrests in “these weeks and days.”

“The ugly scenes at Wembley on Sunday evening are rightly under scrutiny by the football association and the police.

“Where lessons can be learned, we will work with partners to ensure future games are not disrupted by a group of alcohol-fueled hooligans,” she added.

UEFA recently announced that it would launch an investigation into events involving fans in and around Wembley during the Euro 2020 final.

The Football Authority has also initiated disciplinary proceedings against the FA over other incidents during the game.