Comedian Matt Forde sparked an explosive debate among football fans when he tweeted pictures of the 2020 Euro between England and Scotland on Friday. The pictures show Billy Gilmour, who has since tested positive for Covid, hugs manager Steve Clark and striker Lyndon Dykes with the caption: “Can Public Health England explain that this is not close contact with Billy Gilmour?”

Alongside Gilmour, England players Ben Chilwell and Mason Mount will have to self-isolate until June 28 after interacting with their Chelsea teammate after England drew with Scotland on Friday night.

However, no close contacts within the squad have been identified among Gilmour’s Scottish teammates and none of them will self-isolate.

Commenting on the decision, Sky Sports’ Charles Paterson said: “Public Health England is pleased that there are no Scottish players believed to have been in close contact with Billy Gilmour. Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell spoke to Billy Gilmour in the tunnel for 25 minutes after the game. This is a violation of Covid’s close contact guidelines. “

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But one Twitter user responded to Matt Forde’s tweet: “They changed the rules so the Scottish squad can play tonight. If this were a school class or a job, they would be asked to self-isolate. “

Another added: “You need to understand the definition of ‘close contact’. It’s about closeness and duration, not just closeness. Otherwise nobody would be able to be close to someone else everywhere! Of course, no English player came anywhere near Gilmour during the game, so it had to happen afterwards. “

A third stated, “For the same reason they are allowed to gather inside as a cadre, but we are not allowed to. Football teams operate on Covid protocols so Scotland is a compromised bubble. Mount and Chilwell isolate themselves to protect England’s bladder. Why is it so difficult? “

You can watch England versus the Czech Republic on ITV 1 at 8 p.m.

Scotland will face ITV 4 tonight and STV will face Croatia at the same time.