Planning ahead is vital to success in any fantasy game. It is worthwhile for EURO Fantasy managers to check when the two chips – wildcard and limitless – are best used.

What are the two chips?

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With the wildcard you can transfer unlimited amounts for a certain game day without deducting points. Players you switch to will remain in your squad after the game day ends. If you have already made transfers before a game day before activating your Wildcard, these transfers will be canceled together with any point deductions.


The Limitless chip also gives you unlimited transfers for a specific game day, but there are two main differences to the wildcard:

  • There are no budget constraints on playing the Limitless chip, which means you can include premium players as you wish!
  • Once game day is over, your roster will be back to what it was before you activated the Limitless chip

Once again, all transfers and / or point deductions that were made prior to activation on this game day will be canceled.

Paul Pogba (left) and Kylian Mbappé in action for FranceAFP via Getty Images


EURO 2020 Fantasy Football managers have a choice of five match days on which they can use their wildcard (this chip cannot be used on match days 1 or before the round of 16, as unlimited transfers are already granted during these phases).

Many will be tempted to use their wild card by Matchday 2, and this approach certainly makes a lot of sense. Given that only two free transfers are granted each day of the group stage, the use of this chip offers more flexibility and removes the temptation to score early. Additionally, every team was in action at this point, so you have a clearer idea of ​​what starting line-ups are likely and who the form players are.

Matchday 5, which is the quarter-finals, is also a useful time to use the wildcard, especially if you want to correct mistakes you made with your Unlimited Transfers on Matchday 4! Using the chip here will allow you to brush up on your roster and target the teams you think are most likely to make it to the semi-finals and finals, minimizing the need to score points in the final days of play.

The Belgian Romelu Lukaku (left) and Kevin De Bruyne

The Belgian Romelu Lukaku (left) and Kevin De Bruyne BELGA MAG / AFP via Getty Images


For similar reasons, Matchday 2 is also a useful time to use Limitless. Since progress and elimination still have to be decided at this stage of the competition, all teams have something to play that makes it a little easier to predict their starting line-ups. On the other hand, Matchday 3 could become a prime contender for the Limitless in the event that events occur where the fate of some teams with premium players is not yet certain.

Of course, like the wildcard, it doesn’t hurt to save the Limitless to the knockout stage if you expected many of the assets to still be in competition with premium prizes. With an unlimited budget, you can study the games and choose a great captain option each game day to ensure you have the best possible chance of a significant return on points.

The Pole Robert Lewandowski will bring a significant threat to goal

The Pole Robert Lewandowski will bring a significant threat to goalAFP via Getty Images


The key to a successful wildcard or limitless roster is having a balance of players competing against each other throughout the day. In the group stage in particular, you don’t want to load on fantasy assets all of them compete against each other on the same day as it gives you less flexibility when it comes to capturing and using your manual substitutions effectively. Analyze the fixtures and choose a few key options each day. Decide in advance who your captain will be in case you need to change them.

Ultimately, the performance of your own team can determine when you use your chips. If you’ve sustained a few injuries or suspensions, or if your chosen players don’t seem to be starting for their respective nations, it could be time for a shock.

Keep an eye on for the next few weeks for more fantasy tips before Matchday 1 ends on June 11!