About the gold shoe of the EM 2020

The Golden Shoe is awarded to the player who scores the most goals in the tournament. If there are several players with the same number of goals, the tie is interrupted by assists, and if they are also equal, by the lowest minutes played.

Own goals do not count, nor do penalty shoot-outs in penalty shoot-out, but penalty shoot-outs in normal or extra time do. These are the same rules as for the World Cup.

On this basis, the EM has been awarding a golden shoe since 2012 (with silver and bronze shoes for second and third place). This year, the Spaniard Fernando Torres won the award with three goals and an assist, while the German Mario Gómez was tied with goals and assists, but played more minutes of play and so fell to second place.

In 2016, Antoine Griezmann of France brought clear water between himself and the rest of the field with six goals, albeit still well below the nine tournament goals scored by Michel Platini in 1984.

This year’s favorites for the Golden Shoe include Englishman Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku for Belgium and Kylian Mbappé from France.