Southgate welcomes “immense” England, but warns of a “dangerous” moment

“I think the players on the team were amazing,” said Southgate. “To know so many millions of people after such a difficult year at home can be a real pleasure, it is something very special.

“When we got into the locker room, we were talking about Saturday. It was immense today. But it costs emotionally and physically.”

“This is a dangerous moment for us. The warmth of success, the feeling that we just have to show up to win the thing, we know it will be an immense challenge. The players know that.

“The way they play should make them feel safe. We came here for a purpose and we haven’t got there yet.”

“I’m only thinking of Saturday. It was nice to stand to the side and see the second gate. That was a very special moment. We have not yet achieved what we want to achieve. We can look back on today in the future. I want to do Saturday right. “