Fantasy football is a trend that has grown exponentially in recent years and is here for Euro 2020 as well.

To satisfy their appetite, fans can put together a team of international stars for the festival of football, which is the European Championship this summer.

So without further ado, here are the details on how to sign up, the rules, and the best team to choose from within the budget.

How to register for Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

It’s actually very simple: you just jump right in.

You can register for the official UEFA fantasy football game and you will be asked to create your team.

After choosing your squad, captain and team name, you will be prompted to login or log in. Then you can get started!

What are the rules

Fantasy players will be able to spend a total of 100 million euros on a total of 15 players. You need to pick 11 players to start and four players to bench.

There are unlimited transfers until Matchday 1, which is Friday 11 June, before the first game kick-off at 8:00 p.m. UK time.

You are allowed to choose a maximum of three players from each country for your squad, which consists of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards.

In addition, each player receives a wildcard that gives you unlimited free transfers, as well as a Limitless Wildcard that offers unlimited free transfers with no budget restrictions.

The most important deadlines for the transfer window are listed below:

  • Matchday 1: June 11 at 8:00 p.m. UK time

    Matchday 2: June 16 at 2pm UK time

    Matchday 3: June 20 at 5:00 p.m. UK time

    Round of 16: June 26 at 5:00 p.m. UK time

    Quarter-finals: July 2 at 5pm UK time

    Semi-finals: July 6th at 8pm UK time

    Final: July 11th at 8pm UK time

Every player receives two free transfers on every game day, but substitutions may be made during game days to increase flexibility. The important thing is that you can swap captains even within match days, which could be decisive.

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How do you score?

The point system is as follows.

  • Goals (4 points for strikers, 5 for midfielders, 6 for defenders and goalkeepers)
  • Assists (3 points per player)
  • Clean Sheets (4 points for goalkeepers and defenders)

Captains of course receive double points for their contributions, which underlines the importance of the captain swap in the middle of the game day.

Another point of explanation: If you change your captain in the middle of the day of the match, the player from whom you received the armband will return to his regular point accumulation.

What is the best Euro 2020 fantasy football team I can create?

Well, far from us telling you who to pick from your 15 man roster!

There is an abundance of gifted footballers this summer, but integrating them all won’t be an easy task.

As always, it will be about where you prioritize the biggest expenses and how much you invest in your bankers – especially with the feature of being able to trade in a player during a game day.

Everyone’s going to have a different mindset, of course, but here’s an example of a 15-man squad we’ve put together for Matchday 1!

TW: K. Schmeichel (DEN) € 5 million

TW: L. Hradecky (FIN) € 4 million

DEF: M. de Ligt (DOWN) € 5.5 million

DEF: J. Denayer (BEL) € 4.5 million

DEF: N. Williams (WAL) € 4.5 million

DEF: P. Torres (SPA) € 4.5 million

DEF: S. Kjaer (DEN) € 4.5 million

MID: L. Insigne (ITA) € 8.5 million

MID: F. Torres (SPA) € 8 million

MID: M. Mount (ENG) € 7 million

RESOURCE: D. Berardi (ITA) € 6 million

MID: D. Alaba (AUT) € 5.5 million

FWD: R. Lewandowski (POL) € 11.5 million

FWD: R. Lukaku (BEL) € 11 million

FWD: M. Depay (NED) € 10 million

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