Everton Football Club has been awarded a prestigious three-star accreditation by the workplace and employee engagement specialist Best Companies and rates the club’s employee engagement as “world class”.

The three-star accreditation is the highest grade awarded by the Best Companies and shows the progress of the club, which achieved its first star in 2019 and two stars in 2020. The assessment is based on employee participation in the Best Companies survey conducted annually by employees of companies and organizations across the UK. The survey was attended by employees from across the Everton family – the Club, Everton Women, Everton in the Community, and Everton Free School.

Top-level accreditation also comes as Everton implements its broader long-term employee retention strategy as part of its human-led response to COVID-19.

The People, Culture and Wellbeing Club team has partnered with employees across the Everton family to develop and create wellbeing resources and initiatives that support colleagues through the pandemic and beyond.

Kim Healey, Director of People, Culture and Wellbeing at Work said:

“We are the People’s Club and I am proud that our people-centric approach is reflected in our best company accreditation as well as in our latest Premier League fan survey results. Our people are central to driving positive change in our company and without their input and passion we would not be where we are. We are very happy about these excellent results in a time that is challenging for everyone.

“Empowering our employees to share their ideas and feedback – including what we could do better – is critical to growing as a company and a world class employer. It’s an exciting time to work at Everton with an eye to the future, with a new waterfront stadium and the Goodison Legacy project on the horizon. We want all of our employees to be proud to be part of the Everton family. “

Kim Healey

To support Everton’s diverse workforce base during the home lockdown, the Everton family launched Everton Connect to give employees the opportunity to socialize and socialize outside of their workday. Activities included virtual lunches, yoga, Everton-led practice lessons in the community trainers, advice from the education specialists at the club’s home charity, quizzes, radio-style shows and podcasts – and even healthy cooking classes from Everton’s Executive Performance First Team Head Chef Thomas Kenton.

The employee networks – the Mental Health Network, Women’s Network, LGBT + Network, Disability Network, and Race Equality Network – also grew significantly during the lockdown, helping shape Everton Connect content and other major awareness-raising events.

Everton also accelerated mental health staff training and induction plans and improved communications about free counseling, staff wellbeing and health benefits.

Flexibility in terms of work patterns has been welcomed and the focus of mid-season and end-of-season reviews has shifted so that the focus is on wellbeing even though the performance is still there.

With feedback, the club also launched Together Everton Commitments to further develop a culture that encourages employees to focus on health and wellbeing together.

Support activities related to the pledges included the launch of Wellbeing Champions across all areas of the company, working with the People, Culture and Wellbeing at Work team to develop a club-wide wellbeing strategy and action plans. The Wellbeing Champions introduced a virtual challenge to the John O’Groats to Lands’ End activity and helped raise awareness of the benefits of employee wellbeing.

The top-notch rating of employee engagement is based on the excellent results of the club’s Premier League fan survey, in which Evertoners gave the club the highest scores in the survey’s 25-year history.

Evertonians gave the club unprecedented support in all five areas assessed by the survey – sentiment, custody, communication, community and COVID-19 response. 94 percent of the fans were impressed by the behavior of the club in response to the pandemic, a total of 92 percent positive sentiment towards the club and 93% positive sentiment towards the commitment of the fans.

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