TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA – NOVEMBER 9: A general view of fans during the game between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide at Bryant Denny Stadium on November 9, 2019 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (Photo by Todd Kirkland / Getty Images)

Probably the biggest criticism of college football game is the lack of parity between the elite programs and the rest of the pack.

In the past three years, only six unique programs have been selected for the College Football Playoffs: Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, LSU, and Ohio State. Unless the playoff system changes drastically, the lack of team diversity above won’t change anytime soon.

Taking into account recruitment expectations and the coach’s prestige, 247Sports College Football analyst Brad Crawford predicted the top 25 teams in 2025. In five years, he largely expects more of them.

Crawford does not surprise anyone and has the Alabama Crimson Tide in its future first place – Nick Saban’s coaching history as the main reason for its continued success.

“I love doing what I do and want to do it for as long as I feel I can make a positive contribution to the program,” Saban said before last year’s 52-46 SEC Championship win over the Florida Gators. “That’s about the only plan I have for the future. We have a lot of good players here. We’re trying to create a lot of value here for our players so that they have a better chance of being successful in the future. It is very enjoyable. “

Continued recruiting dominance is also likely to play an important role in Bama’s dynastic reign.

With seven five-star and 16 four-star recruits this off-season, Saban’s 2021 class is number 1 in the nation according to 247Sports rankings. To find out when Alabama was last ranked outside the top 5 for recruitment, you need to go back to 2007.

With this recruitment record, there’s no reason why this pattern shouldn’t last for years.