Dave Bartoo is known as the College Football Matrix. His mix of analysis and advice has led him to consult various college programs and conferences. He came to a personal discussion on Friday about the Pac-12 conference and its pursuit of a place in the four-team college football playoffs.

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“It’s a numbers game,” said Bartoo. “Making the playoffs is a numbers game.”

Whether there is an eye test for the College Football Playoffs:

“There is no eye test. First, none of them have the experience of doing the eye test. Maybe Barry Alvarez, but he’s an exception to 12 people. None of them have the time to take an eye test. Who has time to see two hours of each team on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and to rank 30 teams? You watch 60 hours of film, know what you’re watching, and then rate 25 teams. I’ll call BS. Huge amounts of BS on the eye test. It does not exist. You have to go fast and those are numbers. “

To the disadvantage of the Pac-12, which plays nine conference games:

“When it comes to the playoff committee, there are a few top things that count: Top 25 wins and wins against top-class teams. A quality team is one that ends on a 7-5 record or better. When it comes to the Pac-12, they have 12 teams and they play against each other nine times … SEC and ACC play against each other eight times. It takes a 9-3 record to get into the top 25. If all SEC teams start 4-0, all they have to do is start 5-3 and with the top 25. When the Pac-12 starts at 3: 3. 0, they still have to go 6-3 in conference to get into the top 25 and they have fewer teams. The numbers are stacked against the Pac-12 … the Pac-12 should have dropped to eight games a long time ago. “

Who Bartoo sees as true competitors in the Pac-12 North and South:

“We all know that since the divisions launched years ago, 81 percent of all division winners across the country have come from your top three recruiters. Stanford, Oregon, Washington, Utah, USC, UCLA – there are top three on both sides. “

Really good entertainment – loads of stuff – from Bartoo. Well worth your time. We talked about Oregon’s trajectory, the upcoming Oregon season, and more.

Listen to the full interview with Dave Bartoo here: