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Three games for Gameweek Seven

Wolves against Newcastle, Saturday, October 2nd, 3 p.m.

It’s another week of the game dedicated to the defense of Newcastle. Their 13.5 xGC (expected goals conceded) are the worst in the league and a trip to the Molineux Stadium seems to dampen that statistic.

Think Steve Bruce – not only is his back line in ruins, but the truck driver crisis has resulted in a shortage of kebab. The poor guy is starving.

To make matters worse for the Newcastle coach, Raúl Jiménez (£ 7.5) is back in goals and has an excellent chance to continue this form on Saturday. He has averaged 2.5 shots in the box this season and is fifth for key passes.

That’s a lot of accomplishment, but he’s currently 12.5 points below what he should be as GW6 has only seen its first return. Nonetheless, playing against the worst defensive in the league is a great opportunity for him to improve his GW6 score of 8 points.

Burnley versus Norwich, Saturday, October 2nd, 3 p.m.

When I started writing these articles, I didn’t think I was going to propose the transfer of Chris Wood. Not only for your FPL teams, but also for City.

After the trip to Paris, we have already accumulated four blanks this season. At this point, I would take everyone up front. Even Wayne Rooney.

A little distance from the Mrs. will do him good.

Now I’ll be brief because there is no way I would be talking about Burnley assets at FPL if they weren’t playing Norwich at home. I’ll say my article on Chris Wood (£ 6.8) and move on quickly.

He has the highest scoring risk of anyone on the Burnley team. These include shots (both on goal and in the penalty area), great chances (3) and expected goals (1.85). If anyone wants to put one down against Norwich, it’s him.

Chelsea versus Southampton, Saturday, October 2nd, 3 p.m.

Despite a 1-0 humiliation for both the English champions and the match-fixing masters, you can’t ignore Chelsea’s good form until last weekend. You’re about to play a number of Premier League games that won’t go sour before GW21.

There are many advantages of Chelsea that you can look out for in order to take advantage of these games. If, like me, you don’t necessarily want to bet on the full-backs who are at risk of rotation, then Antonio Rudiger (£ 5.7) is your man. Chelsea has the highest predicted clean sheet chance in GW7 at 50%.

While Romelu Lukaku (11.7) is a great option for this game week, there is no need to transfer him if you have Cristiano Ronaldo (12.7). You are both at home with great games and you don’t need to make that transfer just yet unless you have a wild card. Especially since Ronaldo has a 1% chance of scoring at least one goal. It’s the fine edges that make the difference.

Manchester City’s GW6 Review, Chelsea 0-1 City

What a fantastic result and what a devastating achievement. We’ve been all over Chelsea and have earned the three points immensely.

We should have thrown more goals away, however, which is likely to be an accompanying theme for this season. Jack Grealish’s 3 point return could have been higher but it is encouraging to see him take the positions he has taken.

On the positive side, it should be noted that Gabriel Jesus is among the returnees again, as he has collected 8 points in GW6. However, the biggest return of the game week came from João Cancelo. He’s got an assist, he’s conceded a goal and he’s got a head shaped like an Easter Island statue. His 12-point return means he is now City’s highest-scoring FPL defender and the highest-scoring defender in the FPL.

Manchester City GW7 preview, Liverpool v City

If there is one team that can threaten City’s defensive austerity, it is Liverpool. Mohamed Salah (12.6) is enjoying his best start to an FPL season ever and has only faded out once in the first six weeks of the game. Still, we played so well against Chelsea that I’m hoping for a positive result this Sunday.

When it comes to transfers, Cancelo would be the easiest choice. However, I would like to suggest something else. Phil Foden (£ 7.9) is back from an injury and I have a secret feeling he is going to explode this season. In the 105 minutes that he played in the Premier League, he has already managed 0.46 xG and 0.57 xA with 4 key passes. It is currently 0.9% owned, but I suspect it will soon be a hot topic in the FPL community.

This may not be the best device to roll it over to city assets, but I wouldn’t suggest selling one that you have as our devices from GW8 are particularly cheap.

The City Xtra League

We now have over 470 members in the league and it has never been so competitive, there are only 22 points between 1st and 11th place!

The composition at the top of the table has changed dramatically. Our previous top three from Erik Stenseth, Charlie Millington and Patrick Stankiewicz have moved back to positions 3, 4 and 5. Second is Daniel Williams after scoring a massive 70 points in a week of play with low scores.

In first place and the new leader of the City Xtra League is Joel Macdona – I will not write about myself in third person. It’s me. If you’re reading these articles, then it is ideal for me to have a little bit of legitimacy that comes with a good rank.

Someone reading it is Jordan from City Xtra’s YouTube channel. He climbed an unbelievable 44 places to end up in the top 50 again, or as he calls it, the ‘Big Boy Table’.

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Current ranks and team update

Getting to the top of the City Xtra League wasn’t the only green arrow I liked in GW6. I have improved my overall ranking by over 10,000 places and am now well among the top 5,000 players.

My game week result was largely down to the captain’s choice. I gave the armband to Mikhail Antonio (£ 8.0) and was rewarded 16 points. This resulted in a 12 point lead over Ronaldo’s many captains who unexpectedly stayed away.

City Xtra: 1 (previously 5)

Man City: 194 (previously 861)

England: 706 (of 3,865)

Total: 2,675 (of 13,940)

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