Fantasy football fans are furious after the Premier League released a variety of delicious Double Game Week games ONE MINUTE after the final transfer date … leaving players only a week to prepare

  • Fantasy football managers will have to adjust after the shock is announced
  • Players who have used their wild card have some important decisions to make
  • Manchester City were presented two consecutive game weeks in March
  • A list of the televised Premier League matches in March can be found at the bottom of this article

The latest changes to Premier League games have come – and it’s very bad news for fantasy football managers.

The gods of planning have decided that 14 teams will play a double game week this coming weekend and the following midweek, causing a stir in the community after the data was released ONE MINUTE after the final broadcast deadline for this weekend’s promotion.

Those games include a delicious clash between Liverpool and Chelsea on Thursday March 4th after Tottenham traveled to Fulham, while Man City headed to Crystal Palace on March 2nd against Wolves and Manchester United the day after.

Fantasy football managers were appalled after bomb double game week revelations among those who saw Harry Kane’s Tottenham travel to Fulham

Pep Guardiola’s famous rotation should be at the forefront of Manchester City’s busy March start

Fpl in the mud

– ¿¿¿¿¿¿. ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿(@ Worthcam0987) February 19, 2021

You have waited a long time for tears in my eyes

– Yung Chip (@yungchip) February 19, 2021

Pep Guardiola’s men have two more clashes the following week after facing the Red Devils in the derby on Sunday 7 March with a seemingly comfortable game against Southampton on March 10.

With enthusiasts around the world eager to add an abundance of attacking talent to their roster over the next week, many angry managers took to Twitter to express their dismay.

“You’ve been waiting a long time for tears to fill my eyes,” wrote Yung Chip while the FPL Fan Store tweeted, “Congratulations on being Trolls of the Century.”

Aston Villa v Everton and Tottenham v Southampton are now the only games in the division that have not yet been played.

Immediately after the deadline you have to piss

– Sankul (ank sankul333), February 19, 2021

On Saturday, March 13th, there will be an unusual six kick-offs for the Premier League at 3 p.m. The day after, the North London Derby takes place.

The next (and final) game weekend in March will see only four high profile games due to the FA Cup quarterfinals before an international break begins to round off the month.

Here are the games that are scheduled to be televised in full, with more to be confirmed shortly (as all games will be televised until fans are back on the site):

Tuesday March 2nd

20:00 Man City vs Wolves (BT Sport)

Wednesday March 3rd

18:00 Burnley v Leicester (Sky Sports)

18:00 Sheff Utd v Aston Villa (BT Sport)

20:15 Crystal Palace vs Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Thursday March 4th

18:00 Fulham vs Spurs (BT Sport)

18:00 West Brom v Everton (Sky Sports)

20:15 Liverpool vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Saturday March 6th

12:30 pm Burnley v Arsenal (BT Sport)

15:00 Sheff Utd v Southampton (Sky Sports)

17:30 Aston Villa vs Wolves (Sky Sports)

20:00 Brighton v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Sunday March 7th

12:00 West Brom vs Newcastle (Amazon Prime)

14:00 Liverpool v Fulham (Sky Sports)

16:30 Man City vs Man Utd (Sky Sports)

19:15 Spurs vs Crystal Palace (Sky Sports)

Monday March 8th

18:00 Chelsea v Everton (BT Sport)

20:00 West Ham v Leeds (Sky Sports)

Wednesday March 10th

18:00 Man City v Southampton (Sky Sports)

Saturday March 13th

12:30 Leeds v Chelsea (BT Sport)

Sunday March 14th

14:00 Everton v Burnley (Sky Sports)

16:30 Arsenal vs Spurs (Sky Sports)

Monday March 15th

20:00 Wolves vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Friday March 19th

20:00 Fulham v Leeds (Sky Sports)

Saturday 20th March

20:00 Brighton v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Sunday March 21st

15:00 West Ham vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)

19:30 Aston Villa vs Spurs (Sky Sports)