# 3 | If you could play in one game from history, which one would it be?

I would say the Dortmund-Bayern Champions League final in 2013, when Robben scored 2-1 for Bayern at the last minute. It was a very good game.

# 6 | If you were a Wolves fan for a day, what player name would you have on the back of the shirt?

I would choose Raul Jimenez. He’s the one who scores, he’s great to look at, I enjoy his game and he’s a brilliant teammate.

# 7 | If you could invite a foreign club to the Premier League, who would you choose?

Braga. I would love to have my hometown club play against me, that would be very fun. I would also have a nice trip home once in the season.

# 12 | If you could score one goal from history, which one would it be?

Messi’s goal against Athletic Bilbao in the 2015 Spanish Cup final. I remember him picking up the ball on the right, going around three guys, then sliding it past another into the box and then shooting into the bottom corner. It was a brilliant goal.

# 22 | Which goal of your career would you like to relive?

I would say the goals against Southampton because they were part of a comeback and are Premier League goals that people love to see.

# 25 | Which manager would you like to play under?

Pep Guardiola.

# 29 | If you could grant wolves one wish, what would it be?

The first is to be … and then of course to win the championship.

# 38 | If you could play in a stadium you didn’t know, which one would you choose?

The Santiago Bernabeu.

# 45 | If there was just one aspect of your game that you could improve, which would it be?

I would like to improve my header as I would like to score more goals with my head. I was also able to improve my shooting with my left foot, as I hit more with my right foot than with my left.

# 48 | If only you could eat food cooked by your teammates, who would you like to cook?

I would like Ruben Neves because he cooks good food for me and I like it a lot. He cooks a lot, but one that I really liked was a pasta with beef.