# 8 | If you arranged the tour before the season, where would you choose?

I would go to the Algarve. They have great conditions there, great weather for the players. We train a lot in pre-season but it’s also important to enjoy it because it’s a tough part of the season.

# 20 | If you could meet one player from history, who would it be?

Andrea Pirlo, no doubt. He is my idol.

# 26 | If you could live the life of a teammate for a day, who would you choose?

I say Neto because he has no responsibility. He lives with his parents, so he can do what he wants, no problem.

# 27 | If you could swap roles for a game with a teammate, who?

Rui Patrick. I would like to be a goalkeeper, so why not?

# 32 | If you could choose one person for a one-time team presentation, who would you choose?

I would go to Coady. He’s the captain, he knows a lot about how we play so I’ll choose him.

# 40 | If you had to take a non-gambling job at Wolves, what would you choose?

I say manager because that’s what I want to be when I’m done playing.

# 41 | If you could have been in the crowd in one of the last Wolves matches, what would it have been?

The game at home against Aston Villa in the championship. It’s a game I will remember forever because of the atmosphere. I think it’s the best atmosphere we’ve had since I’ve been here.

# 42 | If you cooked food for the team after training, what would you cook?

Duck rice and sea bass. It’s something I like and it’s healthy so it will be good for the players. I haven’t done this for my teammates yet.

# 50 | If you could do another sport for work, which sport would you choose?

I say tennis. I like to watch it and play.