See all the games, venues, and kick-off times for the Women’s Olympic Games and the Knockout Round.

What is the format of the Olympic Games?

The nations submit senior national teams for the women’s competition. This is different than with the men, who consist of U23 cadres.

The 12 nations in Japan were drawn into three groups of four. The two first-placed finishers in each group qualify together with the two best third-placed finishers for the knockout round to play quarter-finals and semi-finals, followed by a playoff for the bronze medal and a game for the gold medal.

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Fixtures, results and bracket


Friday 6th August
Sweden 1-1 Canada, Bays 2-3 (Yokohama)


Thursday 5th August
Australia 3-4 United States (Kashima)


Monday 2nd August
24 – United States 0-1 Canada (Kashima)
23 – Australia 0-1 Sweden (Yokohama)


Friday July 30th
22 – Canada 0-0 Brazil, pins 4-3 (Rifu)
19 – Great Britain 3-4 Australia, AET (Kashima)
21 Sweden 3-1 Japan (Saitama)
20 – Netherlands 2-2 USA, pens 2-4 (Yokohama)


Wednesday July 21st
Group E: Great Britain 2-0 Chile (Sapporo)
Group F: China 0-5 Brazil (Rifu)
Group G: Sweden 3-0 USA (Tokyo)
Group E: Japan 1-1 Canada (Sapporo)
Group F: Zambia 3-10 Netherlands (Rifu)
Group G: Australia 2-1 New Zealand (Tokyo)

Saturday July 24th
Group E: Chile 1-2 Canada (Sapporo)
Group F: China 4-4 Zambia (Rifu)
Group G: Sweden 4-2 Australia (Saitama)
Group E: Japan 0-1 Great Britain (Sapporo)
Group F: Netherlands 3: 3 Brazil (Rifu)
Group G: New Zealand 1-6 United States (Saitama)

Tuesday July 27th
Group G: New Zealand 0-2 Sweden (Rifu)
Group G: United States 0-0 Australia (Kashima)
Group E: Canada 1-1 Great Britain (Kashima)
Group E: Chile 0-1 Japan (Rifu)
Group F: Brazil 1-0 Zambia (Saitama)
Group F: Netherlands 8-2 China (Yokohama)