Grant McCann has urged his Hull City team to get thirteen points out of the next six games if the Tigers are to stay on target for promotion, starting with today’s visit to Swindon Town.

The last six games have won against Charlton, Accrington and Portsmouth, while the Tigers tied Blackpool and Sunderland in midweek ahead of the 2-0 setback at Wham Stadium in which City scored 11 points ahead of McCann’s-home goal out of 12 during a tough series of games.

During the next half-dozen before the trip to AFC Wimbledon later that month, the city’s games against Burton, Lincoln, Ipswich, Doncaster and MK Dons were played against today’s clash with John Sheridan’s Robins, while there is also a Papa Johns Trophy quarter-finals with Lincoln thrown in for good measure.

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“We judge it in phases and in that phase of six games we got eleven points. We have one point less than the two points per game, so we have to try to make it up on the next six points, “McCann said.

“There were six tough games that we had. At home with Charlton, away with Sunderland – Blackpool, Accrington, Portsmouth, Accrington – it’s not much more difficult in this division with those six games than coming out with eleven points, that’s fine.

“We wanted twelve, but we came out at eleven and now we have to try to reproduce those two points per game in the next six and get closer.”

With Swindon and Burton at the wrong end of the table and MK Dons in the middle of the field, the Tigers will also face six best rivals Lincoln, Doncaster and Ipswich.

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“Again, it’s another tough six where teams downstairs are fighting for their lives, teams like Swindon and Burton, and then there are teams in and around the top six. Ipswich, Doncaster, Lincoln.

“There are six tough games coming up, we want to try to improve on what we’ve done in the last six games, but if I look with a loss of seven from the turn of the year it’s a good return on where we started at the beginning of the Year came.

“We want to try to get better.”