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Missed moments on the line of contact with your teammates? Tell us about it!

You often tell us that one of the things you have missed most over the past year is your after school and club fun.

Whether it’s your dance clubs, singing groups, scouts, guides, brownies, or sports, we all miss that extra time to see friends, run around, or spend time outside.

Of course, many of you were able to video call some of your favorite clubs on, which was a great alternative! ON

However, a recent study showed that many grassroots clubs may be forced to close due to struggling financially with no income.

We’d love to hear from you about your soccer teams. Now is your chance to scream about your club and how awesome it is!

What do you love about them How are your trainers

How did you keep in touch with your team during the pandemic? Have you attended and enjoyed virtual training?

What specifically did you miss when you couldn’t play with your teammates? The games? The goals? The team spirit?

Maybe you could show us some skills that you learned during the lockdown too?

Perhaps you could ask a parent or sibling to help film and upload your video. Below are some tips on how to do this.

Submit your videos to us using the uploader tool here and we can’t wait for you to celebrate your soccer teams!

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