The community spoke and we listened. Over the years we have received many inquiries about when we will provide soccer teams for young girls. Well, we are very happy to announce that we are ready to start two development teams for both under 16 and under 18 year olds for the coming season. If you are a girl who is 15 years old or older on September 1st and you want to try out on one of the two teams, we will be running open exams very soon. To express your interest in becoming a member, please fill out the form below and provide us with your details.

Our two girls development teams are trained by experienced coaches from Grimsby Town Football Club and they will train and participate in an extensive program of games in the Lincolnshire Co-op Women & Girls League every week. Both teams will forge a close bond with our women’s team, which has been incredibly successful since our first steps in women’s football two years ago. The games take place on Saturday morning, which means that players from existing Sunday league clubs also have access to our development teams through double registrations.

Commenting on the exciting news, Graham Rodger, Chief Executive of GTSET, said: “We are excited to offer girls additional opportunities for football development and it is a natural progression for us to now have a great senior women team firmly established in Grimsby Town. It is It’s gratifying to have a way for girls to join the club and we hope this will lead to young players from our junior and intermediate level playing on the top women’s team. “

We also met with women’s team manager Dale Houlston, who shared his thoughts on the girls’ development teams: “I’m over the moon that the club continues to support the growth of female football,” he said, and 18 age groups represent a lot marks important stages in the development of players as they prepare for adult football, and the season ahead is particularly good as the Lincolnshire Women and Girls League enables an under-18 middle class for the first time ever. and that is vital.

“Up until now, the only way for a girl to advance her game has been to jump straight into adult football without stepping in between. While this is fine for some players, it is far too early for most of them who can find that the physical demands of adult football can be far too early for them. Especially when these young players join adult teams that play in leagues from 6th place onwards.

“So it is a fantastic opportunity for girls to join Grimsby Town and continue their development in the right player-centric environment, with all the necessary safeguards, and then move them into adult sports at the right pace. I am sure that a lot of enthusiastic and talented players want to come to us and I look forward to seeing them give it their all in the open trials. “

So there you have it, girls, a fabulous opportunity to become a part of Grimsby Town Football Club, put on your Mariners jersey, and make good progress in your football development. Who knows, one day you could play for the Grimsby Town first team. Register your details here and we will contact you shortly to confirm the trial dates.