Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho is relaxed about the prospect of delivering trophies to keep star Harry Kane happy.

At the peak of his game at 27, Kane has always said that he would like to stay at the club for the rest of his career, provided he could see progress.

Winning cutlery would be a good start as the club is currently experiencing a 13 year drought and this could be the season that finally ends.

They are already in the Carabao Cup final against Manchester City and continue their FA Cup trip to Everton on Wednesday with a fifth round before their Europa League campaign resumes next week.


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If Spurs played another season without a trophy, Kane could make a decision, but Mourinho wasn’t ready to get involved when asked how long his striker should be willing to wait.

He said, “To win a trophy, he only has to win one game. I know it’s a big, difficult game.

“I know it’s probably against the team that will win the Premier League this year. I think it’s a very difficult final to play.”

“But to win a trophy we only have to win a match. You have to ask Harry, but I think ‘waiting’ is not the right way to describe it. Is to fight for it is to fight for it.

“But it’s something very personal that I think he’s the right guy to talk to you about it.”

Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho takes on Everton in the FA Cup on Wednesday

Meanwhile, Mourinho has defended Eric Dier after the defender’s recent loss of form.

The England international has been dropped twice in the last three games after making mistakes that resulted in goals and Mourinho says Dier is suffering from a crisis of confidence.

But as one of his key players, Mourinho expects to come back strong.

“I think the players have … moments,” he said. “They can be very good, they can be strong personalities, they can be experienced, they can cope with a mistake, but in the end players are players, they are men.

“And they feel these little moments of confidence, of crisis more than anyone else. You can see that the striker who doesn’t score sees it in the goalkeeper who makes mistakes and then accumulates another.”

Tottenham defender Eric Dier (PA picture)
Tottenham defender Eric Dier has been excluded from the grid in two of their last three games

“You can see that with defenders, with the midfielder you can see that he doesn’t show himself all the time, but hides behind some shadows on the field because he is not so sure that he will get the ball. But those are moments.

“I have to admit that our team made small important mistakes recently that are being punished in relation to our results. And Eric was there, he was one of them. You can feel it.

“And I think the confidence is falling a little. But a great personality, a team type, as happy as we were when we won on Sunday.

“A guy who loves it here, a guy who is loved by the teammates, a guy I trust, a guy I consider one of those. And he’s going to go back to normal and his normal is natural to play and be solid. “