Believing Xavier Amaechi to be a “hell of a sign” for Bolton Wanderers, Ian Evatt went on to explain in greater detail how the loan move came about for the former Arsenal youngster.

Wanderers fought tough competition to get a highly rated winger on a first six-month loan from Germany’s Hamburg side.

The 20-year-old winger played youth football for Arsenal before moving to Hamburg for 2.5 million euros in the summer of 2019.

He has since returned to England and left the German second division to join the Wanderers in the first division.

Bolton boss Evatt is no stranger to the ex-Gunners youngster and has known the winger for 18 months.

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Evatt believes that Wanderers’ technical services director Chris Markham did his part to make the signing a reality, having met Amaechi in his previous role at the FA.

However, Evatt stated that the player himself also had a large part in bringing about the transfer, in which the Wanderers fought off competition from other League One teams.

The winger came to Bolton with the intent of playing regular football and after Evatt spent the summer talking to the player and his agents about the deal, it came to fruition.

But Evatt revealed that the winger sacrificed part of his salary to join the Wanderers, which the Bolton manager attributed to the youngster.

Evatt said: “I’ve known Xav for a good 18 months and obviously Chris, who comes from the FA, has a log with players who they think are extremely talented at the English level. That is one of the many advantages of having him with us.

“Xav moved to Hamburg two years ago for 2.5 million pounds – lots and lots of money. And he had a lot of money too. He hasn’t had the minutes it would take at first team level to develop, but fair play to him for stepping out of his comfort zone at Arsenal, going to a foreign country and trying to improve.

“But now he wants to play football regularly. We spent the whole summer talking to Xav and his representatives and selling the dream of selling this football club, which we think we can do for them.

“Of course he has a high salary, so we needed Hamburg to play ball. It was not an easy business and we couldn’t get what they wanted for him. To be honest, Xav sacrificed some of his own.” Salary come and play for us – that’s how much he wanted to play for Bolton Wanderers.

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“Thanks to him, it’s amazing that a young player can do that. We’re very happy to have him because there were a lot of people who wanted him, especially at this level, some big League One teams.

“But we got in there first, I talked to Xav many times, told him about the club, how I wanted him to play, how I think this team would suit him and show his talents. He wanted to be part of it – and to thank him for daring this leap of faith and coming to us. ”

Evatt believes Wanderers had a good player on loan with the loan and believed Markham played a big role.

And he believes the way Wanderers attracts players for the club, especially on loan from larger teams, is a testament to the work that Markham is doing behind the scenes.

Evatt said, “It’s a hell of a good commitment – and it’s not just me, Chris worked a hell of a lot on it too.

“What we’re doing behind the scenes is building a brand. We developed a presentation for these young footballers and the big clubs that have star players in their ranks who need regular minutes.

“It’s a big deal for them to trust their players with League One football teams, so we almost have to give a selling point. We say, ‘That’s why I think you have to come to Bolton, that’s what we do, here is the” footage, to back it up – not just the words, but the statistics, the data, the analysis, the match clips.

“Suddenly you can build trust and Chris has a big part in it.”

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