Welcome to a new episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s I-70 podcast. In this show we are talking about Big Ten football and basketball. After each week of promotions, we’ll update you on all of the conference’s games and take a look at the matchups, storylines, and players to watch out for over the next week. My name is Jordan Williams and my co-host Dante Morgan is with me.

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In this episode of the I-70 soccer show, we welcome Dante back and immerse ourselves in a very good soccer weekend! After Penn State beat Auburn, we have to wonder how good Penn State is. Dante and Jordan discuss Michigan State’s big surprise that Miami and Michigan continue to dominate teams.

We have big problems with the current AP Top 25 as all 6 Big Ten teams that are placed in the leaderboard are misrated and there is room for at least one or two more teams to be ranked. That next week’s game list isn’t a lot of TV as the only marquee game is Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame, which could be a bad soccer game.

In a combined pit stop, Dante and Jordan talk about how nobody is good right now. There are no teams, players or coaches that you believe in. Besides the running backs, there isn’t much to be happy with … other than the sheer chaos of college football!

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