The International Blind Football (IBF) Foundation will launch a new grant program to provide free blind footballs and eye masks to teams, national associations and players.

The IBF Foundation “Let’s Play!” The grant program is designed to support organizations that are involved in blind football around the world and want to get started.

Equipment is donated to help develop blind soccer programs.

The IBF Foundation opened the call for proposals earlier this morning. The application deadline is February 15th.

Blind soccer clubs, schools for the blind, organizations by and for the visually impaired, national blind sports associations, national Paralympic committees, national soccer associations and non-governmental organizations are eligible to apply.

Clubs and national teams around the world can apply for blind football equipment in the next few weeks. © IBSA

Projects that focus on youth development and blind women’s football are prioritized by the IBF Foundation.

Key factors that are reviewed in the decision-making process include previous blind football experience, the age and gender of the beneficiaries, the organization’s financial situation and the expected results of the project.

Organizations can request up to 20 balls and 20 unofficial eye masks, with 10 national masks allowed by the International Blind Sports Association per national team.

Successful applicants will be informed of the results of the selection process no later than February 23.

Equipment will be purchased by April 30th and will be delivered as soon as possible from that date, the IBF Foundation said.