It’s the device that simply refuses to be played.

Carlisle United against Leyton Orient at Brunton Park has now been canceled for the FOURTH time in less than a year.

This afternoon’s postponement due to a frozen playing field is only the last time the game fell.

United’s home game against the London club last season had to be suspended in March, shortly after football closed due to Covid-19.

The Blues had intended to mark this game with a major ticket promotion titled “Good Vibrations” – but the match was never played as the campaign was eventually curtailed.

United’s Taylor Charters and Omari Patrick in the club’s “Good Vibrations” video promoting last season’s ticket offer in connection with the Leyton Orient game before Covid-19 intervened

The first scheduled meeting of the two clubs this season on January 9th was then postponed due to a frozen field in Brunton Park.

It was postponed for January 19 – but that had to be suspended following a Covid-19 outbreak on the United States roster.

Chris Beech’s team should finally host Ross Embletons Os today. The clubs agreed on a kick-off on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. and not the originally planned 6:30 p.m. in order to beat the freezing temperatures.

But despite the pitch being covered last night, the surface was deemed unplayable when it was inspected by a referee.

Orient, who traveled to Cumbria on Monday, will now have to return at a later date. The clubs now have to add another scheduled game to a full calendar.

For United, they’re facing an increasingly busy schedule until the end of the season.

With no indication that the season will be extended, they now have to play their remaining 23 games within 85 days – which comes out as a match every 3.7 days.