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Is there football tonight? What a stupid question! Football is of course all the rage tonight. There is always a soccer game to be found somewhere.

From the Premier League to the Irish Leinster Senior League, the Moroccan Botola 2 to the Kazakh 1st League, Paddy gives you game details, stats and even the occasional live stream so you can pin your soccer ball.

If you fancy a punt then go for it for the betting odds on the games that take place around the world.

Below you will find all the information about the biggest games tonight.

Let’s start with the second leg of the Champions League qualification in the second round – and you can watch three of the four crunch matches tonight on

HJK Helsinki versus Malmö FF and Omonia versus Dinamo Zagreb Get started at 5pm while VMFD Zalgiris versus Ferencvaros It starts at 18 o clock. The away teams are all leading from the first legs but still have a lot of work to do to book their places in the next round.

HJK Helsinki – 23/10
Tie – 23/10
Malmö FF – EVS

The Champions League isn’t the only European competition in town as there are some Europa Conference League games that start at 4:45 p.m.

As we approach the Premier League and EFL seasons, the quality of the pre-season friendlies is increasing and there are many beautiful games to be played tonight.

Champions League winner Chelsea is Bournemouth in championship outfit (7.45 p.m.) during Southampton travels to Wales to face Cardiff (19 o’clock).

Bournemouth – 7/2
Tie – 3/1
Chelsea – 4/7

Patrick Vieira also takes a closer look at his The Crystal Palace team welcomes South London rival Charlton (6 p.m.) during Newcastle are in Rotherham (19 o’clock).


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