As the final two No. 1 picks in the NFL Draft, Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence naturally went to organizations at rock bottom of talent and success. Once on the squad, the early results on the scoreboard continued.

But despite similar results – the Bengals went 2-1 in Burrow’s first three career games and the Jaguars 3-0 in Lawrence – were there any similarities in their early QB game? In a way, yes, but not exactly.

Both QBs started just under six yards per attempt, with Burrow at 5.82 and Lawrence at 5.67. Both throw five touchdown passes in their first three games. But they deviate from there.

Burrow had an interception with these five TDs. Lawrence has seven interceptions, which ties his rookie colleague Zach Wilson for the league high. Burrow was under more pressure and fired 14 times and Lawrence five times. Even so, Burrow’s percentage of completion at 64.54 was noticeably higher than Lawrence’s 54.24. And their ratings followed that pattern too, with Burrow at 89.0 and Lawrence at 60.3.

It’s still early in both of their careers, so no, this is not an attempt to draw conclusions. But in the beginning Burrow was more careful with the ball and also more accurate.

(Photo: Michael Reaves / Getty Images)