Former Rangers boss Mark Warburton is stunned that James Tavernier has stayed with Ibrox for so long.

Warburton brought the right-back to Govan as one of his first signings as a gaffer in 2015, with the 29-year-old leading the club to title captain.

However, the manager admits he was surprised that Tavernier stayed in Glasgow and was not tempted to return south of the border.

Warburton told the Times that due to the dominant style of play by the Rangers, clubs in the English Premier League may have defensive question marks against the skipper in most of their domestic games.

The current Queens Park Rangers gaffer said, “I thought he (Tavernier) might have been kidnapped by now.

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“I’m a bit surprised with his longevity as a Rangers player. I thought he might have gone south.

“But in terms of his character and longevity with Ibrox, Tav was a huge admirer of Lee Wallace and the way Lee was acting as a Rangers captain.

“Tav learned a lot from Lee on and off the pitch and I think Tav took on that responsibility for the Rangers himself.

Mark Warburton is surprised that Tavernier hasn’t moved on yet

“When they made him captain, you could see what that meant for Tav. He knew the responsibility and accepted it.

“He hasn’t returned to England so you think, why not? I think with Tav he could be a victim of the fact that the Rangers will dominate football in most games, maybe up to a point of 70 percent possession, so he does a large part of his good job by rampaging forward .

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“English Premier League clubs that have seen him are probably wondering: will he do the job for us defensively?

“That question will certainly have been asked and it is difficult for Tav because he plays on a team that dominates games.

“He’s a great guy, a great personality. I think Rangers FC means so much to James Tavernier. “