Jamie Carragher explains what it means to him to be a soccer fan.

Fans are the lifeblood of football and the last 18 months have been a huge influence on them.

First, for the game goers. Every supporter is the same in the sense that it is their life. As players, we sometimes don’t know that enough.

If you cannot go to the game, you will not only miss football, but also meet your friends, share joys, partying in difficult times.

Going to the game, seeing your team come out of the tunnel, that excitement and anticipation, you can’t beat it. And those moments when something special happens are the moments that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Without football, people feel a little lost.

And for those who don’t see the game from a distance, the impact has been enormous. We’ve all talked about it for the past 18 months. It’s hard to watch a game; That’s what I thought, too, and that’s the feedback I’ve received from many others. I think a lot of fans have turned their backs on football because the atmosphere of a game is so important in making football what it is.

Jamie Carragher can’t wait to have fans back in the Premier League after her return to the EFL and Scottish Premier League

From my point of view, even as a commentator on the ground, it was very difficult to get excited about events as you normally would. The perfect example would be Alisson’s goal against West Brom – the goalkeeper scooped the winning goal in the last minute. How often do we see this?

That with fans everything regarding the comment, the atmosphere, the occasion would have been given a higher place. It’s huge to have the fans back.

When it comes to football fans, I would mostly call myself Life r.

Jamie Carragher mostly describes himself as a Lifer

The definition of … lifers

Lifers, the lifeblood of sport, have been around since they were born and have never known it any other way – their passion is one that has likely been passed down through generations. Your season ticket is your most valuable possession and you follow your team through the ups and downs every season. Nothing can rival your love of the game and your club. Your Football Fan Family is the OG of football fans.

Football has been a big part of my life for a long time and always will be. I’m very, very happy that with everything we’ve been through I got to go to soccer games. I would consider myself very privileged because football fans across the country didn’t have that privilege.

I have an insatiable love of football and I could still watch it live. It wasn’t the same and it will be great to win back fans who are the lifeblood of football.

But the consumption of soccer fans is constantly changing – we see more that suits us Game CHangers Model, and social media played a big role in this. The players are now very aware of their own social media profile and appear as decent people rather than just footballers. We have seen this many times in the past 18 months. The football community and the Premier League footballers in particular have really improved.

The definition of … Game Changers

The game changer’s appeal to soccer is based on how today’s top stars portray the game in a new light. By following players and the social issues they advocate, you’ve seen firsthand how football can change the mindset and you’ve fallen in love with the power of sport. Your soccer fan family is socially minded, driven by the positive effects of soccer and the benefits it can bring to society.

Greats like Jordan Henderson, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling and many others; Footballers are role models whether they like it or not. Players used to say, “I just want to play football, I don’t want to be judged after every action taken off the field,” but young people look up to them. And they have certainly come to the fore and intensified in this pandemic.

PA - Marcus Rashford mural
Marcus Rashford has used his profile to drive social change

I think fans across the country have a lot more respect for footballers than they did in my time.

It is now easier for players to get their message across on their social platforms, which are now larger than the circulation of newspapers. You are your own medium now.

Footballers right now can be just as proud as anyone of the way they have acted and done things during that time. You played a huge role in creating this game changer profile.

Then there is that Stattos; As most people know, I like my stats.

The definition of … Stattos

How many shots outside the box did James Maddison take last season? What is the percentage of teams that win in red shirts on Monday night? The Statto will most likely know … you study the data, chew your friends on with facts they didn’t know, and take pride in your accurate predictions. Your pals might do the Mick for you because you’re a numbers freak … until you take the bookies to the cleaners and win your fantasy league. Your soccer fan family is the dark horse of the soccer community.

I don’t think statistics should be the be-all and end-all – and seeing football in its pure form is still the eye test. But if I can use statistics to back up what I think I saw, that’s brilliant.

Some people turn up their noses at stats and it goes beyond shots on goal, corners and possession, it’s now expected goals, expected assists, passes into the final third; We go into a lot of details and I really enjoy that and try to use it.

I think the social media stats have almost taken over the fanzines, and fans are now doing all sorts of their own analysis for their own teams.

When I started MNF it felt very easy, but now it feels harder because the backers out there are doing their own analysis before a Monday when we get around – so it becomes even harder to come up with something new .

This is from supporters who take analysis and statistics. There are a lot of very good analysts on Twitter.

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are at MNF. lively

Even though I’ve played the game, I wouldn’t turn up my nose at any supporter who had an opinion on the game or did an analysis of the game. I don’t think you have to have played the game at the highest level or at all to understand the game.

I think it’s the right way to look deeper into the game with more stats because that’s what the fans want to see now.

Then there is that “Socialists”, the people who benefit from the social aspect of watching big games, and the ‘Expressionists, Fans who enjoy football for its culture. Personally, I’m pretty special.

I’ve always found it very difficult to watch the game in the pub – whenever I want to watch a soccer game I always watch it indoors in the house – I feel like I can never see it properly or analyze it while being in the pub .

The definition of … socializers

Socialisers is all about the way the game brings people together. You know players, you enjoy the game, but you don’t necessarily display the traditional, die-hard traits of a football fan defined by their club. You will bond more with friends and family during the season and use it to expand your social activities. They love to gather at a national game and enjoy how great victories bring communities together. You Football Fan Family is the life and soul of the party because, after all, it’s just a game … right?

But I like being involved in social media while watching the game. I think a lot of us watch social media the same way we watch the game, each checking each other’s opinion on an incident, and that’s how a lot of people consume football: watching TV in front of one, phone in the other hand, scrolling down and seeing what the opinions of the people are.

The constant variety of football fanatics is interesting, and it’s very different from how I stood on the terrace as a little boy. We have very rarely, if ever, seen women on the terraces, and there has been a massive turnaround there. The Premier League and all-seat stadiums have a huge impact on this.

I think the Lifers will always be the predominant supporter when it comes to staying with their club forever in hail, rain or shine. But what you get now with social media and player profiles is making it easier to get in touch with these people.

If you’re a little boy getting into football now, you can say ‘I support Ronaldo’ or ‘I support Messi’ or ‘I support Harry Kane’ or ‘I support Raheem Sterling’ or you may have a foreign club . I will support you as much as I will your British club.

The definition of … expressionists

Football is about style and experience – the Expressionist has both in abundance. Be the first to know about the latest kit and boot drops, the best new music, and the hottest restaurants. You always draw envy from your friends with your matchday outfits and you can associate any brand with their involvement in the game. As a social media professional, you’ll create memories that your friends can enjoy and share. Your soccer fan family is all about the gram and the glamor.

The bottom line is that there is so much more for youngsters to tap into these days when it comes to football, and that undoubtedly keeps them from saying, ‘Right, this is my team, I’ll follow’ them ‘because they do that Want to see the best, want to see the best.

So what does it mean to me to be a Lifer?

It is very difficult for most Lifer fans because if you are not very lucky enough to support the best clubs in the country it usually brings more sorrow than joy! I can certainly tell you that from my experience as an Everton fan as a kid, although I’ve seen some great teams and traveled to Wembley to see them win trophies.

Young Carragher as a supporter of Everton
Young Carragher as a supporter of Everton

But I was lucky. Even if I say I’m a Lifer, I’m obviously someone who switched clubs for obvious reasons: I now support a club that I think will always be there and fight for trophies, and it was absolutely fantastic, Jürgen Klopp and his team achieved what they did.

Most fans are realistic enough to know that clubs won’t have great success year after year, but it is the hope, the dream that one day it will be your day and that is what I think many do Football fans keeps going.

And that’s why there is always this great excitement and hope before a season starts, and rightly so, that it might just be your year.