Tanguy Ndombele’s form has seen an upturn this season at Tottenham as the midfielder “realized he had to change”, according to Jose Mourinho.

Many eyes will be on the Tottenham bench at Sheffield United on Sunday, live on the Sky Sports Premier League, to see if there is a place for Dele Alli, with much made up of his lack of first-team involvement this season becomes.

A year ago there was a similar intrigue regarding Ndombele’s absence from the team.

The combative French midfielder had to pull away due to injury last season, but was also heavily criticized by Mourinho for his lackluster performance after traveling from Lyon for £ 54million in July 2019.

But now he’s changed. The 24-year-old has scored as many goals (two) and created as many opportunities (12) this season as he did in all of last season. He is a regular starter in Mourinho’s first XI.

Sunday, January 17th, 1 p.m.

Start at 2 p.m.

Only Hugo Lloris, Harry Kane, Heung-Min-Sohn, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Eric Dier have started more games for Tottenham in the Premier League this season.

Mourinho believes Ndombele’s turnaround shows what can be achieved when a player has a desire to “work differently”.

“I always say, and I’ve really felt throughout my career, that the great responsibility lies for the good and for the bad [with] the player, “Mourinho said in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News when asked about his role and personal pride in Ndombele’s revival.

“We don’t do miracles. We don’t make players if they are of poor quality and if they have no desire, discipline and motivation. For good or bad, it’s always the player’s responsibility and we are the ones who can.” try to help.

“Sometimes they are open to it and sometimes they are not. If they are not, there is nothing you can do, but when they are open you feel the motivation to help them.

“When Tanguy got here, his condition was not good. When I arrived, he got one small injury after another that I believe was responsible.

“And it’s an honor for him to realize that he had to change and work in a different way. Yes, he plays and plays well. We are happy with him. But I repeat, it’s a total honor for Tanguy.” “

Gareth Bale - AP Photo


Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho said there had been no talks about extending Gareth Bale’s stint at the club after being loaned out by Real Madrid for a season last summer

“The Premier League table has a strange prospect”

It’s the first against the second in the Premier League on Sunday, as it was a little over a month ago.

On December 15, Tottenham faced Liverpool at Anfield. You lost to a late goal from Roberto Firmino that day and have only won one top division since then.

On this super Sunday, Manchester United are heading to Anfield in hopes of getting a result and staying on the summit. United are the eighth team to top the Premier League this season, and Mourinho anticipates that number will increase.

“I think so,” he said when asked if the first-place occupant will continue to change.

“Postponed games can create a strange view. The table always looks strange and gives a strange idea of ​​reality.

“You can look at the table, but you also need to see how many games a team has played or how many have been at home.”

He emphasizes the fact that when Tottenham’s season hits halftime later this month, it has faced the champions twice, but not Aston Villa at all.

Jose Mourinho's Tottenham was originally supposed to face Aston Villa on Wednesday but will now host Fulham instead


Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho says players will have to start celebrating on their own after close-contact target celebrations were criticized for violating coronavirus protocols

“For example in our case next week [in 11 days’ time] We’ll be the only team to have played Liverpool twice, “said Mourinho.

He believes the unpredictability could last for a few more months: “I think it will also depend on the number of games postponed.

“The end of the season, in which everyone played 19 home and away games, is the time to take a real look at reality.”

Tottenham would probably be the best themselves, but for an unwanted talent this season of slipping leads, Mourinho is well aware of it.

But he insists that Tottenham aren’t the only side fighting for consistency – most teams are, including his last club, according to Mourinho.

“For some time now it has been obvious to everyone that it is difficult for any team to be consistent.

“You can look for example [Manchester United] and say yes they are leaders but they have already lost in two competitions, the Champions League and the Carabao Cup. “

Jose Mourinho

According to Jose Mourinho, it is difficult for any team to consistently achieve positive results this season

“Sheffield United is not to be underestimated”

Mourinho think Sheffield United are better than the status at the bottom of the table suggests and he knows he shouldn’t take them lightly. Tottenham lost 3-1 at Bramall Lane in July.

“I’m looking at her, I’m looking at Chris [Wilder] and how they play it’s the same coach, the same players, apart from one or two, usually the same system, “said Mourinho.

“I would say in most games what made the difference was a goal.”

In this way Mourinho can see a similarity between Sheffield United and Spurs: “It’s like what has happened to us so many times.

“A goal made the difference between one point and three points. In their case, a goal made the difference between zero and one, that’s why they lose so many times.

“But I see them as a threat, who they can be, and as a difficult opponent.”

Watch Sheffield United vs Tottenham on Sunday from 1pm in the Sky Sports Premier League and Main Event. Kick-off at 2 p.m.